Travel Equipment for South of France

photo1Super Deluxe strap by Sarah Frances Kuhn on Sony NEX / Top: Anthropologie (old)

I am getting ready to take off to the South of France for a 12-day trip this weekend!  I never knew what blogging would bring but I am so grateful – to travel the world, that’s what makes me feel giddy like a child!

I’m just about packed.

If someone invites you on a trip overseas, even if it’s a destination wedding, you do not turn it down.  It may be your only opportunity or excuse you’d ever have to go and explore the world.

There are many trips I regret passing up – Japan and China with my mom and brother, I won’t even tell you what I did that summer but choosing to stay in Tucson (even for an internship) is pathetic.  I also bailed on a Spain trip, but hopefully that will be rescheduled in the near future.  Then there was that time when my best guy friend from college got married in Capri, Italy.  We couldn’t make it and I am kicking myself!

So when it came to this France trip, I would cancel everything to go, this is a once in a lifetime all expenses paid opportunity.  Some things in life you can postpone or redo, but not a trip like this!  Here’s what I’ve packed…

Travel accessories

travel-accessories12 / 3 / 4 / 5

Packing the international convertor in my London Fog Hardside Spinner, four wheels are better than two I have learned.  I’ve had a passport since I was a baby, my mom took me to Taiwan to see her family and I’ve just always had to have an updated one for sporadic international trips – I’m not keen on my latest photo but I’m happy to have this passport cover (mine is turquoise), a gift from Fawn who I traveled to London and Paris with years ago.  My camera equipment will be in this padded ONA bag in my carry on bag, the Cuyana long tote.

Equipment + Backup Chargers


See this post for product links


I’m bringing this Poweradd Pilot X1 5200mAh Portable Charger Backup, $13.99 that will recharge my devices, up to 3x for my iPhone, and also my other photo devices. I’m bringing a total of 3 photo devices – (1) the Sony Qx10, (2) Sony NEX 5-R, (3) my Canon Powershot S100.  This should mean that I am covered to capture all that I see, and if something loses juice, I can charge it while using my backup photo capture device.  I also take several SD cards with me, the largest being 64MB. I shoot in JPG format and I can still do light edits if necessary before I print an album.

Extra fun things

A new journal from TJ Maxx to document the adventure, and a photo printer.  Yup.


Last summer when I explored Ireland, Melayne brought her Polaroid Z2300.  I paid an extra $20 to get the color blue, so worth it, right?  At the end of each day, we’d pick a few favorite photos taken with my “better camera” insert the SD card into the printer and print a few, throw it in journal pages and write some observations.  Daily I emailed family, hubby and a few best friends at the closing of each day in Ireland and London just to let them know what I explored, where I was and attached photos, but in these journal pages – I wrote other things.

Like, The guy named Conell who took our photo at the rope bridge looked like a young Ryan Gosling.  Fun tidbits, reminders to connect photos with thoughts and when I could sit down and write a post, I’d have several notes, the emails printed out, and the journal.  I can’t wait to do it again.


You can also take photos (10MP size) and video with the Polaroid, there’s an internal 32MB of internal space and 4GB of external space you can add an SD card for more memory.

The Purses/Bags

travel-bags 1 / 2 / 3

The two bags I will be taking with me are the Eaton Shoulder Bag in Printed Haircalf and Kensington Satchel in black, both by Madewell.  Both will fit all of my equipment in it perfectly and both have cross body straps – a necessity for a travel purse in my opinion.  I will also not be taking my designer wallet and instead will use a clutch similar to this (mine is leopard and no longer available) but this in ticking stripe is the same concept.  It will double as a clutch for dinner on the river cruise.

Posts will be scheduled to go up while I am gone, and I may check in so stay tuned.  Au revoir!

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Diana Elizabeth doesn’t speak a lick of French so she hopes they will be graceful to her.  She remembers the food in Paris was divine so she is pretty sure the food will be amazing everywhere else!

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