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jord-wood-ladies-mens-wood-watch-unique-cool-gift-watch-1281Dover men’s wood watch by JORD (c/o)

The first anniversary year traditional gift is paper, so I gave it a try making a paper mache box – it was quite messy. The following years traditional anniversary gifts were cotton, leather, and fruit/flowers. I am pretty sure I followed along those lines just for the challenge, but couldn’t quite tell you exactly what I gave Mr. Wonderful.

Our five year anniversary is in a month – traditional gift is wood. After Benjamin’s broken watch a few months ago, he’s been needing one and WOOD-n’t you know, I found the perfect gift!

jord-wood-ladies-mens-wood-watch-unique-cool-gift-watch-1305Wood watch by JORD / View men’s shop and women’s

There are so many cool things about this wood watch – first, did you know men really are crazy about them? When I mentioned it to Benjamin, we were in North Carolina with his family and he told his brothers about his wood watch and they all shouted with excitement, “No way! That’s so cool!” and wanted to see photos.

When the watch arrived, Benjamin loved how lightweight it was and showed it to one of his buddies who was over and his friend said, “Get out! I love wood watches!” and tried it on, joking it fit him perfectly and was going to wear it home. I had no idea the men’s wood watch craze was so popular which makes me feel like gift giver of the year.


Even the wood box is so unique – you know I love creativity and presentation. The bottom of the box has a pull out drawer compartment which so you can store the extra links, instructions and cleaning cloth. When not in use the hinge slides back in and you have a sleek wood box.

If you are looking for a unique watch for the man in your life that he will proudly show off to his buddies, bingo – go ahead and put a wood watch on your Christmas shopping list and call it done. It seems as if around the holidays all men get are socks and grooming supplies, and men love watches – like women love handbags.

Unique characteristics –

  • Automatic, no battery!
  • Custom sizing – so it arrives ready to wear
  • Free shipping
  • Hand-crafted wood time pieces – such a cool watch

Here are a few other cool wood watches by JORD that come in a variety off wood combinations and affordable price ranges:


And ladies, if you fancy one yourself, check out the unique ladies wood watches here.

I’m going to tell you why I picked the Koa & Black watch – you can see right through the back! And seeing the gears is so awesome. It’s pretty ridiculous how unique this watch is once you see it – and the fact that there’s no battery to change (sign me up) that makes it a solid investment. The watch is also splash proof.


I like that the watch can fit Benjamin’s daily scrubs, typical weekend wear of polo shirts (he’s the guy who always wears a collar) and also with a suit.


^^ I also found the most perfect mug for Mr. Wonderful, thanks to my girlfriend Brianna who text me a link! Now he really has his nickname since our dating stage, on a mug. I buy him a lot of mugs since he’s a big coffee drinker. I think year five is a win and we’ll both remember what I gave Benjamin, thanks to JORD.

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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.

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