Taste of Southern Living with Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama at Kierland Commons, Scottsdale

When I’m invited to indulge in yummy restaurant food (therefore not having to cook dinner) I’ll be there – hear that PR folks? Oh yes, offer a great dinner and the hubby and I will arrive with smiles on our faces because cooking is my least favorite thing to do, right up there with painting. But eating, oh eating, now that’s one of my favorite things to do, along with sleeping.

Benjamin has been a longtime fan of Tommy Bahama’s clothing line – in fact after this dinner we returned a few days later and he bought a pair of jeans, a shirt, and shoes. I had photographed a wedding reception belonging to one of the sweetest couples in my early years when I was a wedding photographer – at this very Tommy Bahama store/restaurant location. It has since undergone a remodel and a new cookbook has hit the shelves and it was time to taste the food that is featured in the southern cook book!

Tommy Bahama’s second cookbook Flavors of the Southern Coast features food you’d find from Galveston to the Florida Keys, yes seafood is in it but it’s not the majority like you’d expect! The first book was Flavors of Aloha if you’re feeling a little Aloha-ish. Anyway, here’s our food journey at Tommy Bahama!

A lovely menu was provided – I kinda love seeing what’s coming up next! Cooked by Carlos Garcia, Executive Chef. The weather was perfect to have the windows open!

In the South, I imagine there are lots of fun and fancy drinks, and you know I can only take a sip, and I love that they are small testers the presentation was just darling.

Here’s my last drink –

Just kidding.

The entree trio was stuffed chicken breast, jerk pork tenderloin, and grilled mahi-mahi. The sides included mac and cheese, collard greens, green beans and sweet potato mofongo. The most popular was the collard greens, and at the end of the night they boxed the sides and let everyone grab a box! Believe it or not I went for the collard greens (the mac and cheese was already taken).

Dessert was a key lime pie and pecan chocolate bar.

All this to say, if you love to cook, this would be a great book for you to try to whip these up at home. And if you do – call me, Mr. Wonderful and I would be more than happy to stop by. We’ll bring the wine (and I won’t even drink it).

Photos taken with Fujifilm X100T.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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