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sony-headquarters-san-diego-sony-club-bloggerAt Sony Headquarters in San Diego, my new happy place.

If you follow me on Instagram (@dianaelizabeth_) you’ve probably seen most of my iPhone pics I shared during my 3-day trip to San Diego, courtesy of Sony Electronics.  I met 10 other bloggers across the world (two came from Toronto and Thailand) each who were hand selected by Sony for specific reasons to partake in this amazing experience – learning about their innovative products, giving feedback, and sharing creativity.

We received a handful of awesome products to take home immediately (Walkman, Xperia Tablet Z, Action Cam with Wi-Fi, Handycam with Projector and Alpha NEX-5R with lens), while we were also introduced to products that we will be receiving after they are announced to the public, but we’ll be the first to test them out.  I wish I could tell you what they are now, but you’ll see as I get to play with them.

As a former journalist who always shared latest everythings and total tech and gear obsessed person, I am looking forward to sharing my excitement with you!  Sony has always been innovative taking electronics to the next step. I was in complete awe of the products they’ve dreamed into existence.

I learned many things during my time with Sony – the word iPhone is not a bad word, neither is Canon or Nikon, in fact, many of those products do have Sony sensors in them (high chances what you’re using now has a Sony something in it), showing you just how good Sony is.  I also put on a Canon lens on my new NEX-5R with a mount adaptor as you can see below.  And while I do have an iPhone and Mac, I did come from a PC background (also had a Sony Vaio), owned a Droid phone before, and have only in the last 3 years switched to Apple.  So you could say I’ve used it all and, I’m an advocate for what try works best for a person.

Be warned, this is a long post full of photos and good info.


Wednesday we met for the first time for a patio dinner at the W San Diego Hotel where Sony put us up.  Thursday was our first full-day together and we headed to Sony headquarters. Sony President and COO even came to meet and greet us!  There was a private room dedicated exclusively to us to learn about their products which were set up on tables for us to rotate through with a personal Sony expert to teach us about that specific product.  We learned about what’s coming out next (which I can’t wait to share) and what is currently out.  Then they gave us an awesome Vaio backpack and we got to fill it with products to take home immediately!  All of this couldn’t have come at a better time because I’m so excited to use these for my upcoming Ireland trip!


Then it was off to the Del Mar Race Track!  Want to see the shots I took with my new Sony Alpha NEX-5R?  I’m going to talk more about the actual camera on Wednesday.  Sony hooked us Sony Club bloggers up with a tour of a stable!  This horse was trying to unlatch his little gate, and I’m guessing he’s done it successfully a few times.

sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing001 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing002 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing003 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing004 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing005 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing006

The NEX-5R has a “selfie” flip up so you can see yourself when you take a selfie.


This image was triggered by my iPhone using an app called PlayMemories Camera App that allows me to set up the camera and then use my iPhone as a remote, timing it 2 seconds after I push the shutter on my phone!  Here I am with Drew from Sony who was at all the events to give us any lenses we wanted to try and provide help if needed with the camera equipment and my blogger friend Crystal from Texas, of


We also headed to Winner’s Circle where the jockey’s get on the horses they are about to race and where they return to get their award and photo taken with the owners.

sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing009 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing010 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing012

I did place $27 in bets since I felt more experienced (this was only my 2nd time but I was overly confident) and won 2 races, winning $55, so not bad!  My Zara sparkle flats and soft tulle skirt was what I wore to the races.  Gingham top and pearl necklace and crystal earrings from J.Crew.


As you can tell we switched locations and headed to the Del Mar beach really quickly before dinner at L’Auberge Del Mar (not related to where I got married in Sedona, but just as lovely and I want to return).

sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing013 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing014

Now this panoramic feature on the Sony NEX-5R, oh gosh I can’t wait to tell you about that feature!

sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing015 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing017

On our last day, we jumped on Jada and sailed the San Diego bay!


This shot is for my little brother who is a civil engineer for the NAVY.  Go Navy!  Oh, and these I shot with a Canon lens mounted on the NEX-5R with a mount adaptor for the E lenses.

sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing022 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing023 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing024
This shot by Callan – I was totally sporting a rhinestone anchor necklace, shoot I should’ve popped my collar all Glamour shots style so you could’ve seen it. Striped top and denim jacket by J.Crew (it’s like my uniform), pants by ASOS.


Did all 11 bloggers have fun together?  Heck yes of course we did! Just look!

sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing030 sony-nex-5r-sony-club-blogger-lifestyle-san-diego-del-mar-sailing031

Thank you Sony for everything – for selecting me to take part in this amazing adventure, experience, and opportunity!  I am so passionate about working with great companies that I believe in, already use, and am proud to recommend to my readers.  Sony has always been a part of my family (my first Sony memory was listening to the Pretty Woman soundtrack on my Sony Walkman as I fell asleep as a young girl), and I can’t believe I was able to experience all I did with amazing new friends.

Please meet my fellow Sony Club bloggers, listed below.  Not only are they talented in what they do, but they are kind, funny, and genuinely good people that I think you’d enjoy following.

Travel, Ryan Gargiulo, Kristen Sarah, Carol Cain

Photography, Vivienne Gucwa, Frederick Van Johnson, Dave Amirault

Mom/Lifestyle, Susan McLean, Shivani Cotter, Crystal Reagan, Amanda Brooks

Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R (c/o) + 18-55mm (c/o).

Diana Elizabeth has a lot to accomplish over the next two days – she’s getting ready to go to Ireland and London with her girlfriend.  She’s excited to use this gear and bring back some great documentation of the trip!

Disclaimer: I am part of the Sony Club Blogger Program by Sony Electronics where a group of selected bloggers have been given the opportunity to test and review Sony gear.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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