Patio Makeover: Reveal and Details

Patio home makeover lifestyle home blogger Diana ElizabethDress: Calypso St. Barth (similar, high, low) / Sandals: Splendid

I wanted to give a more in-depth tour of the patio makeover that I had been working on since the new year. This patio has already gotten so much usage since we completed it starting with my in-laws in town, Easter, hosting a bridal shower, Cinco de Mayo dinner, and lots of one on one time with my best friends and their kiddos.

I painted so much, and many of you know how tedious I find painting. I’ll do it, but I really dislike it, heavily dislike it. For me, watching paint dry is just as boring as painting it!

But, with budgeting and when you do a DIY you have to save money here and there and as my mother-in-law says, If you want it to be done right, do it yourself! Or, ask your in-laws to help because they are also very helpful too ;)

Patio home makeover lifestyle home blogger Diana Elizabeth

Repaint of cement flooring

It’s been a few years since the patio had a fresh coat of paint. I knew a fresh coat would liven it up – but be aware that you need to spray paint anything far away to prevent spray paint mist to hit anything you don’t want it to (like my deck I had to repaint again!).

I also did the technique of dump the paint directly on the floor and roll it on. But don’t do too much and not on too hot of a day because the paint will quickly dry and then you have to rub out the outline of the already dried paint splotch! True story!

backyard patio makeover reveal blue and coastal vibe welcome sign on the floor instead of a welcome mat

backyard patio makeover reveal blue and coastal vibe welcome sign on the floor instead of a welcome mat

Paint a Welcome Sign

I saw a painted floor on Pinterest that said “Welcome” and I just knew I wanted to do this somewhere around our home, I wasn’t sure where. I found an Etsy owner who could do a custom decal and I created my own script by blending two different fonts – using my graphic design talents to use!

I decided the front door of my photo studio because a rug would make me trip in and out of the studio since it’s on the same level (instead of stepping up into a home). I think it looks so fun!

  • For $19 I got my template made, I actually got a backup just incase.
  • I painted it using a black floor paint from Ace Hardware
  • Use smaller brush for touch up areas (bleed)

Small seating area

I spray painted an old bench I bought from Joss & Main years ago and gave it a nice fresh look – and to think I had it listed on Craigslist for $15! My in-laws saw it last year and convinced me to keep it and I’m so glad I did.

I think of this area as the kiddie table – it’s fun and small. The headboard bed bench I bought from Rust & Roses a few years ago and is still such a favorite of mine.

I get asked a lot about the bench.

backyard patio makeover reveal blue and coastal vibe seeing area

backyard patio makeover reveal blue and coastal vibe

New Dining Seating

The project that started it all, it was the dining set I selected to partner with The Home Depot that motivated us to get cracking on our unused patio space. Since our main patio will be undergoing renovation hopefully this fall, I decided the other patio would be the new patio space! So I sold some older patio furniture to make room.

I decided against an outdoor rug because of the foot traffic and the size I would have to get to make sure the entire chair would still sit on the rug when scooted out. I would suggest when you pick out furniture to read how much space you need for it – I thought I wouldn’t need so much pull out space for the chairs but I did and that was surprising – so read recommendations to avoid any panic! Thankfully it worked out.

More details

The overall goal for a theme was The Ivy in Beverly Hills. It’s a garden restaurant frequented by celebs and I found the exact rose print linen on Etsy! I couldn’t believe it but I had to have it! The colors inspired this patio makeover and while I would have loved to have an all white patio, this is not really something that makes sense – and I’d also like to know how people keep their white dust free in Arizona!

  • I painted the trim white around our windows, added window panes
  • Added two outdoor wall sconces from Pottery Barn on both sides of the door
  • Hired our handyman to add a greek key on a plain panel wood door.
  • Painted it high gloss black shade from Benjamin Moore (I forgot the shade but its not a pitch black)

I wouldn’t suggest painting anything high gloss. Or if you do, don’t overwork the paint because it will have texture which is yucky with glare. Use the high gloss foam roller and roll it on thick but where it won’t drip, and then let it dry before adding another coat!

backyard patio makeover reveal blue and coastal vibe

Brick Flower Beds

We have wanted to add real brick flower beds forever. We’ve talked about it not knowing when or how much it would cost. This seemed like a better time than any to add the brick borders and a real brick step!

Our handyman who helped with moving lighting also laid the brick. The cost for his entire handiwork was about $2k.

  • We purchased used clay bricks
  • Added more floral plants and had to add more drip irrigation

By the time you are looking at these images it’s filled with lots of floral plants and bushes already grown! The nature of how quickly our home changes!

And that’s it! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. It’s been nice to not be ashamed of this patio area – the current (was the main patio) now looks bare and sad but I’m OK with that. It’s like I traded one area for another but I find that area in a transition period until we expand. I would love to hear what you think of the new space!

Are you going to do anything to your patio? Did you have challenges? Please let me know what you like about this patio space in the comments! xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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