Paris is always a good idea

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Quite a few of you mentioned you wanted to visit Paris so I thought I should dig up my Paris photos from a several years ago and show you around.

I had visited in the fall to visit my girlfriend Fawn who was temporarily living in London to help start up a new branch.  I stayed at her flat in London for a few days before we headed to Paris.


We headed to Paris on the Chunnel by Eurostar and spent two and a half days in lovely Paris.  I do suggest booking this ahead of time as last minute can be quite pricey, just like an airline ticket.  Also, don’t get a coffee thinking you can get on the train aroind the time posted on your ticket.  The depart time listed is when you should be on the train at that time. We got sweetly scolded by an employee asking where we had been.

Late Americans.

chunnel-france-london-paris-3chunnel-france-london-paris-2 chunnel-france-london-paris


I had done some research and found the most adorable and most probably expensive hotel.  But, it made me squeal.

I found Hôtel Le 123 Elysées from a search and oohed and ahhhed over the details. Our room was two single beds placed next to each other which worked fine for space.  It was the most gorgeous hotel that it made me squeal – what a way to experience Paris!  To book, click here.

paris-france-le-123-hotelparis-france-le-123-hotel-6 paris-france-le-123-hotel-7 paris-france-le-123-hotel-8paris-france-le-123-hotel-5

The hotel is located in an incredibly fantastic place in the city in Paris, right by the Avenue des Champs Elysées.  This avenue is where you will definitely want to go, also the bus tour has multiple stops along this busy road.


Just a few blocks around the corner, here I am by the Arc with my baguette!  I didn’t want to eat it, I really just wanted to walk down the avenue with it and take a photo.  Do I look Parisian?  How about ParASIAN?


After we grabbed a bite to eat – it was rainy and a bit overcast, we used our Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour I preordered and decided to just see Paris for a few hours and decide what we wanted to really see the next day.

On our second day, it was our full day there.  We decided to walk and utilize the bus tour again (we got a 2-day pass) to get us to where we wanted to go. There was so much to see but Fawn and I really just wanted to shop and walk around to be completely honest. When in France, do what the French do…shop!


I had a few things on my wish list to see, Notre Dame was definitely one.

notre-dame-paris-2 notre-dame-parisparis-france-3

I know this bridge is famous, but I forgot the name.  Someone fill in the blank for me.


As Fawn and I walked around the streets with a mission in mind – shopping, a bus nearly run us over and through a narrow opening of a building.  We poked our heads inside, curious.  It wasn’t a pedestrian entrance but we decided to proceed by walking through and we stumbled into the Louvre! You should have seen how big our eyes got as if we just discovered a hidden treasure.  We then got carried away with excitement, clearly.


the-louvre-paris-4 the-louvre-paris-5 the-louvre-paris-2

My Top 10 Paris book told us all the things as must-sees in the Louvre – the Mona Lisa included.  She’s only 5×7 in person by the way.  I know, she looks 8×10 on TV, camera adds weight.

We spent the rest of our day going up and down the stairs giggling, searching, and finding 9 out of 10 favorites.  We couldn’t find the Lacemaker and asked a worker where she was only to find she was on tour in Japan!

Here we are proud of our check off list.


A walk back to our hotel…admiring the lovely Arc de Triomphe – did you know there are several of these throughout France?  The one in Paris is the original and most well-known of course but there are several versions.


The loveliest sight of them all.  The top is blue so it’s the French flag colors. It was a rainy, drizzly night, just how I like it.


What is it about flower shops in Paris that make us stop and take our breath away?


Just a few sights from taking the last bus round back…


Back to our sweet hotel…


Where the lights were glitter…


And the floor sparkled…


Sweetest dreams, Paris.


I genuinely loved reading all of the places you hope to visit in France some day and I know the French Tourism PR enjoyed reading them.  I know you are wondering about the French Goodies winner!

Winner: Faline / 1st runner-up: Carissa  / 2nd runner-up: Hogan

I decided to do a few extra goodies.  Every time I travel some place special I’m bringing something back for one of you, I like hearing from you all.  That way, you’ll have more chances to enjoy a few goodies from other places.


Just for a week, I haven’t taken time off from blogging for a long time since I decided to blog daily.  I’m going home to Nor Cal tomorrow for 10 days and I have a lot of reading, lake walks, and time with my parents to enjoy.  You can see what I’m up to on Instagram (@dianaelizabeth_).  I’ll be back the following Monday.  I appreciate you all reading and commenting, have a fantastic weekend! xx Di

Diana Elizabeth’s college dog Yorkie turned parents dog is named Paris.  He’s pretty darn cute.  Yes, she said he.

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