There’s one more thing I want to talk about that I love having in my back pocket during the reception – a cheap little video light.

Polaroid Video light, $20

Video Light uses:

  • Polaroid Video light, $20 or any video light that just stays on – is a good idea for the cake who somehow got placed in the corner with no pin lighting, desserts on a dark table that were forgotten about, or to bring your own spot light.
  • You could probably also use the flash on your iPhone too (leave it on of course so it’s like a flashlight).


I have my assistant Amy hold it at an angle and I just grab a few shots.  We walk around to all the details with it and I open my aperture up wide.

That wraps up my off camera reception lighting series!  If you have any questions please ask.

I’d love to hear if there’s anything else you’d want me to cover – to make Wednesday posts more beneficial to you.

Off Camera Flash Post Series