Front of door 4th of July decor simple thrifted

Decorating for the 4th of July

Front of door 4th of July decor simple thrifted

OK so maybe I should just say, I decorated my front door for the 4th of July because right now I’m unsure how much I will be able to decorate. 

When I purged earlier this year it was so nice and I gave away a lot of my patriotic home decor items (outdoor items) and I kept a few. I have ambitions but I’m not sure how to decorate my front door since it doesn’t face the street. The front door actually faces the side but I have a little porch area and I could decorate right there, but it’s still a work in progress that hasn’t taken much priority. 


Front of door 4th of July decor simple thrifted

Anyway, I popped into a thrift store spent $18 and this was one of my purchases, a $3 embroidery! On the red lines it says “4th of July” top and bottom but you can’t really see it.

When I spotted it, I didn’t think I’d put it outside, I just thought I’d put it somewhere in the house but then I also thought why not outside even though no one really comes to my front door lately because now it’s 110 degrees in Phoenix and we are all hibernating or on vacation!

But it’s cute right? Just an idea to find an embroidered frame and add some ribbon which is also easy to store and make it festive!

Front of door 4th of July decor simple thrifted

I also like the idea of using a grand millennial blue ribbon with our red and white (eh hem, ivory in my case). It softens the look, adds some more color and it fits my decor much better! I bought these 2″ ribbons all over the web. Some are double sided satin and some one sided. I just get whatever, even though double sided is probably best!

I hope you have fun plans for the 4th. I might put up more decor but we will see how I feel. I’m still cleaning up the garden and pulling things out because I will no longer be keeping anything alive in pots ;)


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