lensbaby velvet 56 lens review

lensbaby velvet 56 lens reviewLensbaby Velvet 56 (c/o)

If you ever want to see or hear me geek out, it’s over photography – gear, techniques, projects, just the concept of creating is so fun for me to talk about and hear about!

When I saw the Velvet 56 lens and the photos it takes, I was on the edge of my seat. The lens is a high-end manual portrait lens by Lensbaby – my creative little heart skipped a beat when I watched the product video and images taken by photographers. It reminded me of the old school techniques of putting panty hose or smearing Vaseline on lenses to get an artistic glow. I popped this beautiful lens on my 5D Mark IV.

You have to check out this photo essay by this nature photographer who specializes in flower photography! She used this lens and her images are jaw dropping – like the stock images you buy and print (which I have done before!) I want to specialize in flower photography! Can you imagine a more beautiful, still subject?

I took a few quick portraits of my girlfriend Molly on a weekend before we hung out.

These below were taken at F2 – I like that images don’t need to be in focus – it’s dreamy. It opens up to F1.6.

It can also take sharp images as a macro – stop own and sharpen those details like rings or rain drops, the minimum focus distancing at 5 inches!! Isn’t that so nice to be close up?

There is a small learning curve, but if you are a professional photographer you’ll get it quite easily – and if you like to manually focus your lenses – something I love even with my point-and-shoot and also my Fujifilm X100F. The more control I have the more I feel like what I’ve captured is completely mine.

I still have to teach Benjamin how to use this lens, which is quite simple if you’re used to manual focus or any type of film camera and working manually with lenses – think old school like high school photography class (where I learned my basics and darkroom developing).

I was thinking this would be great for those unique campaigns, where the imagery can be buttery, dreamy – like romantic portraits, wedding, engagement – a model in a flowy dress, different lighting situations this lens could be the ultimate magic brush for your canvas!

If you’re on the journey of pushing your creativity and offering clients – or even yourself a new photography tool, check out Lensbaby and their creative lens options. They give image examples and product videos. You can never have too many lenses and this Velvet 56 is to die for.

Soooo excited to add this to my camera bag!

What’s your favorite lens? Have you ever used a Lensbaby?

Lensbaby sent me a lens to review, no compensation was provided.