Battle of the Brows


I debated writing a post about this because who wants to show old photos of themselves with bad/past eyebrows they don’t have anymore?  But, I share when my heart is happy or sad, failed projects, and when I accidentally composted perfectly ripe limes, so why not just share a history on my eyebrows.

I used to have thick brows.  But… they weren’t that awesome yet.  Let’s start when I was 23 (oh yes, 10 years ago). So for my darling younger readers in your 20s, know that you will only get better looking in time, trust me, do not be afraid of aging!  I am proof!





2010 (with my old logo):





OK, so now it’s 2014 and over the summer I was following a gf of mine who does brows in North Carolina, Traci.  She posted a before and after photo of a client of hers and I just flipped the heck out.  Then I thought, oh man, maybe it’s time I work on my eyebrows because they were starting to look a bit funky.

So, I started to grow them out when I was back home for two weeks.

2014 (growing out stage):


It pretty much took 2 months, and 3 visits to a brow gal in Scottsdale at Keep Calm Wax On to get me to here:


Which this bottom photo is slightly unfair because I did have my makeup and hair professionally done but still, look past the glam and just at the brows.  Without makeup on I look better, less no eyebrow-y.

I text Lizzy Marsh who is my makeup girl, “How horrible were my brows???”  But she has been doing my makeup for years, at least five so she knows my face.  She text, “You’ve never had bad brows, it’s just the trend, thicker is in now.”  Phew.  Made me feel a bit better.  My girlfriend Rachel and I joke one day we’ll look back at the next few years of the thicker brow and say, “Woah Brooke Shields!”  If you look through pages of a magazine you might start to notice this trend on celebrities, and what I’ve noticed, is how much it changes the shape of your face.

Anyway, that’s my beauty share!  Some people look better with thin brows, others thicker.  I am thinking my face looks better thicker at this stage and trend in my life. Don’t be afraid to go in to see a person for help if you don’t know, she’ll listen to you too.  For $20 I see my girl Laura every 3-4 weeks for 30 minutes and she just cleans and trims them up.  I continue to grow them out but only tweeze a few strays.  Power to the eyebrows!  My battle is over, thank goodness.

If you’re wondering here are my tools I use: Dipbrow Pomage in Chocolate by Anastasia, with a Smashbox brow brush, and then after run a spoolie through them.  Another one I liked was the NYC brow powder and wax set.

{Professional photos by Melissa Schollaert and Geni Bean}

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