Egg Cooker


No matter how often I try to boil eggs, I can’t get it right! I’ve once had them explode on my ceiling because I forgot I was boiling them! This has been a lifesaver and is so easy – it cooks them perfectly to your preference and has a timer that goes off so you’ll know it’s done.

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Product Description

  • Cooks 10 eggs in shells to a hard, medium or soft consistency with the 600-watt heater
  • Poaching tray with 4-egg capacity and omelet tray with 3-egg capacity
  • Brushed stainless steel lid; blue LED indicator, audible alert and standby mode
  • Built-in cord storage for easy cleanup
  • Cooker includes a 180 ml measuring cup with piercing pin
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY