woman by Nespresso machine see the difference between the pods and types of coffee machines

The Nespresso Hype: Why You Need One

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Nespresso machines which one to get? review of the Nespresso machines
Nespresso machine review
Nespresso review difference between the machines
Nespresso machines filled how to use and a review

How to use a Nespresso machine
Essenza Mini Espresso Machine (left) / VertuoLine Coffee & Espresso Machine
I separated the pods for each machine so you can see the difference

remember first hearing about Nespresso when I was visiting my friend Michelle who was living in Prague at the time, even stopping into a Nespresso store with George Clooney’s face all over the ads. I didn’t really know what the fuss was about, I had a fancy $400 espresso machine from Williams-Sonoma, one that you had to use espresso ground beans and it worked. Sure it tasted great, but I wasn’t quote sold that I needed one.

Shortly after I returned to the states, it was when my friend Amber made me an iced coffee at her cabin and I was like, woah, what is this! And then she made me another one, and showed me her cute little red Nespresso machine (a Swiss company), she showed me how easy it was to make, explained it, and I felt like I had to have one immediately. And a few months later, I bought one and blogged about why I switched to Nespresso. And now here I am telling you, you need one of these immediately. *wink*

Now I get everyone is saying it’s a big deal, but rarely is anyone explaining why or how easy, so this is what I hope to do!  If you own a Keurig then you understand the concept of a Nespresso machine. For the rest of us who are wondering what the hype is about, I’m going to break it down so easy because I too wanted to know what the fuss was about – and is it worth it? Yes, especially since Macy’s is having a sale on Nespresso right now!

The Unique features of a Nespresso machine

  • Coffee pods are about $0.70 each
  • You can recycle them, there is a program and a free bag and they pay for shipping.
  • You can buy a milk frother separately or have one attached to the machine.
  • Most machines heat up in 25 seconds.
  • Put in a coffee pod and you can walk away, no watching it to make sure your shot doesn’t overflow (unlike having to babysit the espresso machines).
  • There are 16 different Nespresso flavor options, and each flavor has a decaf version that tastes exactly the same (the ones with a red dot on the top of the pod).
  • You can enroll in auto-delivery (a month, bi monthly, etc.) and they will automatically deliver your favorites and you can change it up any time.
  • There are two lines of coffee machines, one is exclusively for espresso (two sizes, a small and larger size), and the other makes espresso and coffee. Each machine has their own flavors which is why I had to have both haha! If I were to pick one I would select the Vertuo Line which does both coffee and espresso.
  • When you buy a new Nespresso machine, it comes with a coffee pod sampler so you can taste the different coffee flavors.

I also heard you can buy similar pods at Trader Joe’s for cheaper. It is not only just convenient, but the coffee, made in Switzerland (yummm, see my trip to Switzerland), is delicious! It’s worth the trade, the machine is affordable, the coffee pods are easy, and convenient! Less mess, more time to do other things, and so many pretty machines to choose from.

Check out the sale Macy’s is having now on select Nespresso machines! Now, time to do the things!

If you need a little walk thru, I talk about how to use a Nespresso machine on stories here:

woman by Nespresso machine see the difference between the pods and types of coffee machines

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