Traveling around Switzerland by Train

Zurich, Switzerland with 29″ Delsey luggage, exclusive at Macy’s (c/o)
Coat: Glamorous (sold out, similarpink one) / Boots: Hunter

This is the first of a series of 5 blog posts dedicated to Switzerland.

Some of you might be wondering how long it takes to get to Switzerland. International travel is not for those who can’t handle long flights (like my hubby who already has traveled the world and would rather work now). It is much more difficult to get to Europe being all the way on the West side of the country, obviously. I have major envy for those who live on the East side of the US!

  • 3 hours to Chicago
  • 2 hours to Boston
  • 7 hours to Portugal
  • 3 hours to Zurich

Not to mention the time in-between for customs and security. I took so many segments but it was because I wanted to use my Southwest points to get to Boston so those flights were free. It’s just part of the travel territory if you want to save money and I have trained myself to fall asleep on flights before take off and wake up upon landing. I’ve been on planes all my life and get so bored so I just realized if I fell asleep I’d get there faster, like Christmas. I also have my travel outfit down – comfortable leggings (not too tight) and oversized non constricting shelf-bra camisole (I don’t wear a bra), and a sweatshirt or sweater over. I may talk about this later for those of you who have to endure long flights.

Now once we landed to get around Switzerland it was all trains. This is not a train route as Google won’t let me show a train route map, but you can get the general idea. See our travel map here.

We had a Swiss Pass which got us around all of Switzerland – a must have for anyone who is traveling for an extended amount of time throughout Switzerland by train. It also includes discounts to certain places like museums. When Jackie and I first got into Zurich HB station, we dragged our suitcases up the stairs – it was horrible yet comical at the same time. Thankfully we wised up and knew to look for lifts and escalators which saved us!

I was fortunate enough to bring new luggage, courtesy of Delsey. My Shadow 4.0 is a Macy’s exclusive and with the four wheels I could easily push it with ease – Jackie often looked over and me while we went through the train stations and said, “Well that’s nice,” and we had a good laugh at the difference of our luggage. I brought the 29″ with me which was perfect for 10 full days of travel filled with sweaters and coats. The best part – the built in overweight indicator (it turns red) which tells you if your luggage is over 50 lbs.

The trains were a great way to get around, as everyone told us who had been to Switzerland and if you use Google maps, they tell you the train schedule (there is also the SBB App). It is pretty much like the NYC subway – very easy and quick, one comes right after the other.

The only difference is there are two train tracks next to each other so you can only get on a train from one side instead of both sides of a NYC subway – and make sure you get in the right class, the first class has the Number 1 on it. Not all trains have a first class though so splurging for it may or may not be worth it, you decide.

I hope some you get to experience Switzerland, the people are seriously so incredibly kind and getting around by train is quite easy.

Luggage courtesy of Delsey and Macy’s, no compensation was provided for this post.

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