Bloom Theory “Take-a-bow” Beige Camera Bag, $180

Would it be too much if I went and bought this bag even though I already own it in black?

I mean, people buy the same shirt in different colors right? If your’re not a photographer, you can take out the padding and use it as a diaper bag, travel bag, or any other kind of bag! I used mine to Boston for the Wayfair blogger conference. It fits documents perfectly and doubled as my purse since I didn’t pack another one.

It first came out in pink which sold out quickly, then black which I purchased immediately, then baby blue is on sale for $120, and now beige. Beige is so my color.

While you’re at it, check out their camera straps, if you so like using one. Lately I don’t use them but I still love the one I do own!


Bloom Theory, Washed Ashore, $130