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Spending Freeze Recap

did it again! Another challenge to not spend anything for a week, including groceries. I give myself a B+ / A- for how I did last week and thought I’d tell you how I did, what I learned, and also – HUGE KUDDOS to those of you who joined in because you at least tried! Even if you lasted for just a few days, I think it shows you were conscious of your spending habits and that is all that truly matters – awareness.

We may have the money, but it doesn’t mean we’re spending it wisely. I plan on focusing on specific areas of my life that will require me to spend less money – so this was a great week to start off the first month of the year. I learned to say no, I caught myself giving in, and also when I did an accidental purchase without thinking! Doh!

Some of you DM’d me about starving…

What happened last week during my spending freeze week

  • Stopped myself from buying a $100 on sale cardigan. Saved $100. My size is now sold out I’m still sad about it though, for the record.
  • Stopped myself from buying a $90 red dress from J.Crew with another white top. Saved $177 total. Found an alternative for $45 I might by next week. (Left/Right).
  • Ordered 6 yards of mulch from a landscape company to get dropped off – I consider this a pass since we need to get this anyway and I need it scheduled.
  • Accepted a coffee date and forgot about my no spend, but thankfully friend paid for it (I just realized this) but honestly it’s not like I would have said no it was a business meeting – more of a necessity regarding business than an unnecessary want.
  • I want these gold gardening gloves for $50, I will probably get them later. Saved $50 for this week, will probably spend it next week if we’re honest.
  • Deleted Forever 21 and H&M off my phone as I realized I spend way too much on those items and Forever 21 items keep end up in donation piles. I can shop there, but it needs to be harder.
  • Got a sale email from a stationery company and I filled up my cart, even for items that were $1 and $1.50, then I looked at the items, realized I didn’t need them or to even spend $20 and exited.

Slip ups

  • I bought a watercolor illustration for my blog for $35 and right after I hit purchase I realized what I did. Oops, and now that I think about it, I probably could have waited or found a cheaper alternative. That’s what happens when I’m impulsive!
  • Ordered Postino bruschetta but had a gift card which then I realized wouldn’t work with Uber Eats and wasn’t quite thinking clearly – I blame it on being hangry. I would like to call this a credit since I have the gift card but didn’t get to use it, gah!

Lessons learned during the no spend week

  • I want to spend money on food especially when I’m home alone, it’s my indulgence. I’d be lying if Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich didn’t cross my mind once or twice that week.
  • I also cleared out my closet and my shoes again realizing when I rush to buy something to fill a space or a last minute need, it rarely stays. I suppose that’s fine if inexpensive, it still seems wasteful. If I were a better planner or owned more of the things I love, I wouldn’t be scrambling for something temporary and decide to donate later.
  • In this process I’ve remembered to slow down, tell myself no and not look at distractions. Sure I can buy them – I can buy whatever I want, but do I need to? Should I? I reserve this feeling for when I’m overseas and shopping, that’s the time when I give myself permission to buy anything I want because of where I am (and I saved up).

I did buy a few items right after the spending freeze week, a mirror for the mantel and gardening boots for Benjamin. I didn’t buy any clothes, and for now, I don’t feel a need for the red dress I so coveted after watching a show. I had time to carefully think about my purchases and the freeze caused me to slow down and not be so impulsive.

I also have two friends that were my accountability partners –  Meg: https://thehouseofmag.com IG: @thehouseofmag and Ilse – https://livelearnluxeit.com IG: @livelearnluxeit. They shared their journey and difficulties and I also enjoyed hearing yours and how you were doing. Check out their blogs to see their posts.

Looking forward to doing it again!

odd Molly pink sweater sustainable
Sweater: Odd Molly (c/o) in size 1, comes in 3 colors

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