Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-113Sweater / Leggings / Bangkok International Airport

I’m patting myself on the back for traveling 10 days to Thailand with only a wheeled backpack. That’s right, what you see is all I took with me! Watch my video tour of Thailand and the Phi Phi islands here.

I decided on a wheeled backpack and a light weight carry-all. Eagle Creek has the best travel products – before I was able to work with them, I already owned some of their products which just makes me happy to team up with them!

You can find some of their products at The Container Store if you need items in a jiffy.

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-111LAX International Aiport

My Emerson Carry-All from Eagle Creek (c/o) was the best travel companion to store under the seat in front of me – holding all of my necessities.

Now I know there are fancy bags out there for carry ons, I have a lot of bags, but for this trip I wanted to focus on secure travel and lightweight.


I put my purse inside, added a book, noise cancelling headphones, and all the other random things I need to be comfortable on the plane. It has a snap hook to secure your bag to a table or chair so while you’re traveling it won’t get lifted.

I love that it’s cross body, in addition to shoulder straps and it has a back slip so you can stack it on wheeled luggage – something my travel buddy Rachel mentioned she loved.


The items I put in it was for comfort when on the plane and on occasions I thought I might need more than my purse.

Here I am at Krabi airport as we headed to the Phi Phi islands.


Tips for packing for 10 days

Additional thoughts

  • Write out your outfits for every day – double up on leggings/travel (you can wear your leggings again)
  • Leave behind clothes – I know, crazy but if you’re a shopper like me, sometimes you can wear worn out PJ’s and leave them as you buy things on your trip.
  • Consider leaving shoes behind – I left two pairs.

Planning your summer travels? Check out the review I did on Eagle Creek’s compression cubes and packing folders, here.

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Thank you Eagle Creek for sponsoring this post.