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You know those places you’ve always driven by but never stopped into?  I was invited to attend the preview night of the newest Smart & Final in Phoenix.  I had never been into a store before so I didn’t know what to expect!  This particular location is in the same shopping center as my tailor – cross streets Tatum and Greenway.

There was an awesome band playing and delicious catering.


Smart & Final is what I would describe as mix of a warehouse store and grocery.  There is no membership fee and it’s a smaller scale facility so it is much easier to find just what you need in a shorter amount of time. You can buy things in bulk if you wish, too.  This is great for small businesses, little leagues, fundraisers, big families, and party throwers – like me.


There is an impressive produce section featuring fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables – again, look at those prices per pound!


Ah, select from the top, not the middle to avoid an embarrassing mishap right?

You can buy a cactus leaf!  For those of you who don’t live in Arizona, can you buy this at your grocery store?


Each checkout lane is named after a nearby street, focusing on being very neighborhood friendly.


Back to shopping and the prices – they sell organic produce as well.  I spotted wheatgrass – I have yet to take a shot of it but I’m curious!  For an organic section the prices are surprisingly cheaper than what I’ve seen elsewhere.


Whatever you need to buy, you can buy one pack, or a bundle!

Bundle of Oreos is it for this sweet tooth. Maybe I’ll invite some friends to justify it, maybe I won’t.  Want to come over?

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Yes, I really do need all of this popcorn.  Perhaps I should look for a bulk of toothbrushes after this aisle.

Smart & Final carries more club sizes than actual club stores!


My snack of choice –


Benjamin wanted to show you his snack of choice (he’s still in work clothes) –


Again, look at those prices.  This is just like any normal grocery, and they carry alcohol for those posh bashes.

The employees of Smart & Final are so friendly!  A manager named Mike wondered what I was doing taking photos of myself in the store as no one else was and I had to explain I was exploring the store for the first time.  Mike told me the premise of the store, this being the eighth one in Phoenix and how much prettier they have gotten as they continue to add them to the Valley.


If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, there are gluten free and healthier options in aisles, just look for the Good&Well signs.

We listened to managers speak, and witnessed checks donated to local organizations – Smart & Final likes to give back to the community.  It ended with a nice ribbon cutting ceremony.


That was my first trip in a Smart & Final and definitely won’t be the last, I have a few parties on the books.  Hope you enjoyed the Phoenix Preview Night tour.


If you’re in Phoenix, the Thunderbird and Tatum location is now open!

Have you been to a Smart & Final?  Check out Smart & Final on Twitter and Facebook.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


  • Carolyn West

    Cactus leaves? Nope… pretty sure we don’t have those here in California. But that’s definitely a reason to stop in Smart & Final next time I’m in Phoenix. #client

  • Brandie @ HomeCookingMemories

    Totally JEALOUS that you have the bulk bins at your Smart & Final! We don’t have those at my Smart & Final (not sure they are in any of our Vegas stores…will need to investigate that). Super cute photos and the store looks great as well. Smart & Final is one of my favorite places to shop at – just bought a bunch of my Easter stuff there.#client

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I’m finding the bulk will come in handy with that crazy sweet tooth craving of mine – or a party (so I don’t eat it ALL). This is going to make party planning so much easier!


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