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Just a typical day at the Steffen home – packages galore and me doing a fist pump that I didn’t have to leave the house for days while everything was delivered to our door – with free shipping and 10% cash back – thanks to is a paid subscription like AmazonPrime, but it offers more than free shipping – thousands of sites listed offer 10% cash back (sometimes 20%!) which trumps other rebate offers – to receive this perk, it costs $12.97 per month.*


Amazon doesn’t have everything I need. When I shop elsewhere, I tend to spend the minimum to earn free shipping which means I spend more than necessary. If you are a big online shopper (including Safeway grocery delivery) this is for you – saving you quite a bit doing what you do naturally.

I’m going to share details how to use it, how much I am getting back, and also give you what some bloggers don’t  – the fine print. Because it’s really important you know the facts, limitations, as well as the perks. Stay with me, you’ll understand this much better as I walk you through this. is subscription based like Prime, but it offers more than free shipping – 10% cash back (sometimes 20%!) which trumps other rebate offers – for only $12.97 per month.

My purchases over the month –

A courtesy account set up by so I could review


That’s not even all of the online purchases I made through

My cash back is currently at $104 and my shipping rebate total is at $114. I am getting back $218 in one month! We’ll talk more about the maximum you can collect in a calendar year later in this post.

Let me first show off this great purchase – a 36 pair shoe rack from from The Container Store. I have a Container Store down the street, but why go when I have free shipping? I know, I’m so lazy, please don’t judge me.

36 pairs of shoes behind the closet door perks:

  1. Free shipping on 1,000+ retailers. If free delivery is already offered on the site, upgrade to expedited shipping and claim that rebate up to $10.
  2. 10% cash back automatically. There are 20% cash back specials too, just check the website! Simply click through to your shopping site and it’s automatic.
  3. Free return shipping. Make sure you make a label through the site and it has a tracking number.
  4. Low-price guarantee. If you find a lower price within 90 days, will pay you back with up to $100 of the price difference.

This past Labor Day weekend there were a ton of retailers in the promotion from Sept 2- the 5 that gave back 20% cash back.

How it works:

Note, you do have to pay for the shipping up front, you are getting a shipping rebate check in return – so you are requesting the site, after your purchase. These steps and the wait to get a check are necessary to avoid any fraud.

  1. Check to see if the retail site is listed – free shipping rebate, 10% cash back, or both!
  2. Click through link on, (it tracks a cookie) and start shopping, and then checkout, completing your purchase. You pay for free shipping up front, you get the rebate of shipping back in a mailed check. If you already shopped on the site and check to see if it qualifies, it’s fine, the items in your cart should carry onto the next window, just close the other one.
  3. Return to, go to rebates, pull down your purchase from list.
  4. Fill out order details – order number, total, shipping cost (this avoids false claims).
  5. Forward your order confirmation to Easy peasy!
  6. Wait for your check – (may take 4-6 weeks).

Here is my first shipping rebate I received from a purchase – remember some only offer shipping rebates, and some offer both shipping rebates and 10% cash back as well – just check on


You might be wondering about –

  • Requesting a shipping rebate request takes a minute. While there are steps, it is easy and it becomes a habit when you shop online and you can shop over 1,000+ retailers. We order groceries online for Safeway grocery delivery and we get rebates off the delivery service charge.*
  • Receive your rebate via check. I do wish that it was an automatic deposit into PayPal to make my life easier.
  • You can check on your cash back and rebate statuses. Visit the “Savings Center” tab and you can see the cash back amounts and the rebates that are pending, and when your checks are coming.
  • Returns are easy. Just click on returns and fill it out the address to send it back (it will say on your package invoice) and you print out a label and drop it off at FedEx! I did it with a recent H&M order. I didn’t enter their free shipping code because I knew I would need to send a dress back (I ordered two sizes) so I could take advantage of the return!
  • Get up to $10 off return shipping.

*The fine print (the maximums) –

  • Members can earn up to $1,000 every membership year for cash back.
  • You can claim up to 12 rebates per retailer per membership year.
  • Claims must be mailed/emailed within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • You can claim up to $500 in shipping rebates each year.

What do you think? A yearly cost of $156 for the ability to save up to $1,000 in cash back and $500 in free shipping. That’s $1344 you’re able to save and have back in your pocket should you be an avid online shopper. I hope this helps with saving money!

Happy on your online shopping orders! You are now free to online shop.


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