Another magnificent piece made by my mom, out of her creative brain inspired by the Anthropologie Heirloom Throw.

When I saw the original blanket at Anthro, it made me stop dead in my tracks and my heart started beating so fast.  Then my heart sank when I saw the price tag, $198. My mom looked at it, snapped a few photos and said she’d take care of it.

These blankets took my mom a while to get done, she has a lot going on but she did it!  And she made me two!  I know that with all the time she took, the labor and materials, the value is most definitely more than $198 each, but this is a REAL heirloom throw for me and my family of two. Thanks mom, you’re one the bestest most creative wonderful mother ever! I love you and your creative brain!

The light version with florals attached at the end:

crochet-blanket-anthropologie-quirky-heirloom-throw-pattern-mom002 crochet-blanket-anthropologie-quirky-heirloom-throw-pattern-mom003 crochet-blanket-anthropologie-quirky-heirloom-throw-pattern-mom004 crochet-blanket-anthropologie-quirky-heirloom-throw-pattern-mom005 crochet-blanket-anthropologie-quirky-heirloom-throw-pattern-mom006

This one is a tighter crochet blanket.  My mom also wove the florals into the blanket for this one which I think was more time consuming.

crochet-blanket-anthropologie-quirky-heirloom-throw-pattern-mom007 crochet-blanket-anthropologie-quirky-heirloom-throw-pattern-mom008 crochet-blanket-anthropologie-quirky-heirloom-throw-pattern-mom009 crochet-blanket-anthropologie-quirky-heirloom-throw-pattern-mom010

 The inspiration:


I think my mom did an even better job!  My mom and I believe imperfect is wonderful, so you can crochet whatever comes to mind, no rules.  Again, my mom is a visual learner so she doesn’t have a pattern, sorry, I just have to say it because I get the sweetest messages asking.  Remember, there are no rules, just use your creativity!

If you want to see another blanket my mom made that was a huge hit on Pinterest, click here.  You can see it thrown over our couch in our living room.

Diana Elizabeth can’t crochet like her mom, she’s very impatient and doesn’t “get it” yet.