10 Things

hat a great week! I did nothing. LOL.

Ok, by nothing I mean I didn’t work on any projects. We got back from Mendocino County with my parents on Friday night and had the weekend to get back into our rhythm. I’ve been traveling a lot – very typical of me this time of year but it’s been quite a long span of traveling (not complaining).

Last time I returned from a few trips I had to jump into work and it stressed me out. Another time I came back and had no work so I freaked out and thought my blogging career was over only to realize it was just fine. This time, I came back with no work and did not care. I need this time, it’s hot as Hades outside and I also am going to get my deviated septum surgery this Monday so I’ll be probably vegging and living my best life on the couch with Netflix and having no projects pending is better for me to relax and work on recovery and maybe stuff around the house.

I’m a little lost at sea
I’m a little birdie in a big old tree
Ain’t nobody looking for me
Here out on the highway
But I will be found
I will be found
When my time comes down
I will be found
– John Mayer “I will be found”

I wanted to pop in and share 10 updates and thoughts.

  1. I might go solo to John Mayer. First the big news. I might. I have no problem going solo to anything. I have gotten over that fear long ago and wandered a full day in Stockholm solo and had a great time and gone to a museum by myself so I could see the Pompeii exhibit before it was gone. I can’t find someone who wants to pay $500ish for the ticket and Benjamin is iffy about it and I would rather just go solo and get my money back. Thoughts? Sell it to a friend discounted? Then my ticket would be like $750! Gah! Bring Benjamin now that he kinda says he’d be willing to go (at Mariah he sat the entire time lol)?
  2. I have started to look at parts of my body/skin and saying, “What is that?!” out loud. It kinda cracks me up and want to cringe at the same time but whatever. Either get old or be dead so there’s that. I also heard the older you get, the less you care and I’m already shedding some fears I had in my twenties in my thirties so I believe it and look forward to it.
  3. I don’t know what to think about Instagram anymore. Since I can’t control it, I can’t care much about it. Truthfully am I onboard they will remove likes? Yeah. Sure. I guess it’ll be less pressure so that works great. I’m unsure how this will affect influencers who use the app but we’ve always had our stats we must share with companies so there’s no hiding that. I just wonder how active it will keep everyone or if it will change the interaction we have with each other. Meanwhile, Facebook is so my jam, love the traction I get there!
  4. I wanted to sell our townhome several times this week. We are landlords for my first townhome close by where we live. We have and have had incredible tenants but it’s been so frustrating with sourcing help when there needs to be repairs. I mean one guy just didn’t even show up or respond to texts or calls or apologize. I believe if you don’t show to something you said you would go to (a party, an appointment) that an apology is absolutely necessary. You’ll obviously be forgiven but it’s just good communication and practice to redeem yourself and continue any sort of relationship. But thankfully Facebook helped and we found someone.
  5. I am obsessed with my Popsugar Must Have Box subscription. I’ve been a subscriber since 2015! I just picked three preferences with their items like gold finish, lipstick color, I always look forward to it. I used to love that it came every month but they switched to quarterly.
  6. I was supposed to not buy clothes for 30 days. I failed. I just realized this today. I bought two pairs of matching pajama sets on Shopbop this morning after seeing Becca post about her cute waffle PJ set and then I added another set because it was leopard, obvi necessary. I didn’t realize how impulsive I was. Ooops. No I will not reset the clock.
  7. I want to meet up with friends more. This was a great week with friends, I had lunch with Sakura and her baby Mila at OBON, oh my gosh it was delicious, I had the Kanto Been Broccolini and I cannot wait to go back. Also had lunch with Demi at Chelsea’s Kitchen and the Ethan’s Vegetarian Tacos and I debated going vegetarian. Ok I can’t. Because later that night I ended up going to Gen Korean BBQ House which is ALL you can eat for $25 in Tempe with my girl gang. I haven’t weighed myself but I think it’s possible I gained 5 lbs this week.
  8. Come ask me questions about career and entrepreneurship August 8 at The Henry. If you live in the Phoenix area, come to the special event hosted by my alma mater, it’ll be small and intimate. You do not have to be an alum to attend. Here’s the invitation.
  9. You can do anything on your own. The Ballard Designs armoire arrived. I realized this crazy heavy wood thing had legs and assembly was NOT included. Benjamin was out of town that night for work and I decided to lift each side back and forth sliding heavy books under with my foot to raise it to the right height so I could screw on the legs. In the process, I lost one of my diamonds on my ring. The story deserves its own blog post I’m working on about how to find a lost diamond so hang tight for that. Thankfully, I found it. And also, the armoire was organized and beautifully completed that night too.
  10. Deviated septum surgery is Monday. Just to say it again, so if you can send good vibes and prayers my way. I have blog posts scheduled this week and I’ll be around here and there! I can’t wait to breathe finally. I will blog about it probably, knowing me! I volunteer as tribute to do it and share the experience. *wink*

Diana Elizabeth is wondering what she will say once anesthesia after her deviated septum surgery. Last time she went under her best friend picked her up and was told Diana wouldn’t stop talking about ice cream and Jamba Juice. Sounds about right.

Thank you Demi Bang for encouraging me to do these sentences after my blog posts again.  

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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