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Binge watch The Man in the High Castle

We first heard about the show when a friend said Benjamin looked like a main character.

If you have Amazon Prime then log on and start streaming The Man in the High Castle. It’s about America if Germany and Japan had won World War II. The Japanese rule the west and the Nazi’s run the east. All I can say, is its a fantastic show with wonderful acting.

Actor Luke Kleintank who plays Joe Blake is a fox. I think I can say that because he looks like Benjamin!

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Teach children to write Thank You cards

Mr. Wonderful and his brothers write thank you cards, thanks to my mother in law. I find it darling when my friends and our nieces and nephews, send thank you cards, even if they can’t hold a pen for more than a minute. Usually we get a cute scribble drawing of of art with a note from the parent, or a verbatim thank you that the parent has written down coming out of the mouth of our little tot and we crack up reading them.

Teach Children to Write Thank You Cards is a fantastic post I ran across in my blogging community if you want to teach your children.

Add this blog to your blog reader

Sweet Honey Lane is written by my old dear friend Christina, we met through pageants and share a love for many similar things – one being home decor. She and her husband Tyler moved to Indiana and bought a gorgeous 1930s farmhouse. They are fantastic DIYers and are flipping homes. Call HGTV because they need their own show.

She inspired me to buy a miter saw. Of course, it’s still currently in the box, but there are hopes, dreams of sheds and tables to be built one day.

She made this desk for $35!


Watch 73 Questions with Celebrities

I love the 73 questions VOGUE asks celebrities! Have you ever watched them?

Here’s an oldie but goodie, which was the first 73 questions I watched – Sarah Jessica Parker. I enjoy the way the interview (which is clearly rehearsed) flows so quickly.

See the entire 73 Questions playlist here. Check out Reese Witherspoon and Anna Wintour.

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