montana in fields Little Bighorn battlefield

How to be in the Moment while Working on Vacation

devil's tower in Wyoming, lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth in paisley skirt and open kit sweater and India hicks leather handbag
Location: Wyoming Devil’s Tower

Top: Mango (similar, and here) / Skirt: Calpyso St. Barth (similar, love this, and here) / Booties: Lucky Brand, Gahiro2 Booties (c/o Macy’s) / Hat: H&M / Earrings: Kendra Scott (c/o) / Bag: India Hicks (c/o) / Lips: Dose of Colors in Berry Me / Nanogram cuff: Louis Vuitton / 22kt Cuff with turquoise: Bahgsu Jewels / Beaded bracelet: Local artisan at Crazy Horse Memorial (similar) / Hat: H&M

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work during this vacation, but thankfully my blogging best Kate convinced me to seize the opportunity and take advantage of the locations I would be visiting and continue the momentum. When we travel aren’t we in an epic location? We don’t usually see those locations every day, how wonderful to offer clients a variety in background to showcase their product.

So a working vacation it was going to be – as sometimes it usually is, but not quite like this! I thought I’d share how I plan for it and also how I still enjoy the vacation. I know this might not apply to everyone since not everyone is a blogger or photographer, but maybe you’re curious on how a working vacation goes for me :)

This trip with my parents and husband was about 8 days, and every day I had an outfit or product to showcase – I had 2 pairs of shoes from FitFlop, and 3 pairs of shoes from Macy’s (coming soon). In addition a full outfit with Banana Republic. That made for a pretty full suitcase. In addition there were some gifted products I could feature (and had requested) so making sure all products had a fair share of exposure was important.

I worked with brands before on a trip, but not as jam packed like this, usually one or two small things or just featuring it on social without having a full blog post. I once worked with Last Call Neiman Marcus on my trip to Bern Switzerland and I changed my shoes once I hiked to the top, haha! Also Macy’s in Thailand.

This trip required more attention and careful planning with all the locations. I had to check our daily itinerary to make sure outfits fit the right location, and so I wanted to share the steps I took for every day to make sure I didn’t overpack and also packed enough!

I might look like I take a lot of photos but I don’t take them all day. I take them for a chunk of time, maybe 10-15 minutes, but then I am done. I do not have a camera up to my face when I travel, believe it or not. Sometimes people I travel with are taking more photos than I am. I snap, know I have it and I move on and take it in.

devil's tower in Wyoming, lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth in paisley skirt and open kit sweater and India hicks leather handbag

Although you have to ask my husband if he felt like he was taking my photo too much, haha.

There were a few days in Yellowstone that we didn’t have service and as we drove through mountains going state to state and I loved it! I realized how I often grab my phone as a distraction and I was able to either just edit images on my laptop or look out the window and take in the amazing scenery. The beauty I saw is still embedded in my brain, just incredibly calming and stunning.

south Dakota mount rushmore wearing red free people dress

So here’s how I planned for my 8 day trip –

  • Google image the locations so you can make sure your outfit goes with the scenery and the activities planned that day. Me in the skirt was a big bus travel day. We didn’t do much other than a few quick stops.
  • Check weather. You may have to check again a few days before for more accuracy since weather changes constantly.
  • Try on every outfit and take a photo on your iPhone so you know how it looks and make sure you like it. Only wear what you love. I had bought a yellow dress just for this trip and I didn’t love it so I didn’t bring it.
  • Consider color. I don’t care if you’re a neutral lover, pack some color when you travel. Look at this image of me at Mount Rushmore, if I was in a bland color I wouldn’t stand out!
  • Write the outfit down on a post-it and tag it on the booklet/itinerary.
  • Pack an extra 1 or 2 outfits. Just incase weather changes. Don’t forget a jacket, sweater and enough socks.
  • Charge the batteries and bring the chargers.

montana in fields Little Bighorn battlefield

Location: Little Bighorn Battlefield
Where Lt. Col. George A. Custer died fighting several thousand Lakota, and Cheyenne warriors

I want to say there’s nothing wrong with taking a lot of photos, or constantly if that’s what you want to do, do it! I don’t believe in shaming anyone for over doing it on photos if that’s your passion and that excites you. For me, I have found a good balance and this is where I share how I’ve learned to not be “working” all the time. Yes taking photos for me is work, it’s no longer a hobby, lol.

How I enjoy my vacation –

  • Know when you have it and it’s enough. You only need 1-5 solid images (depending if it’s for social media or a blog post). You know by now if you have it, so take the quick photo, then enjoy the moment or scenery. Know when you’ve taken enough photos.
  • I shoot during the day, and edit while traveling. We were on a Caravan bus tour so there was time to edit photos on the bus when we’d be sitting there for an hour or so to driving to the next location. There were outlets too (a very nice bus). Other times it would be at night if I wasn’t dead tired.
  • Decide if you are posting live or when you return.
  • Draft posts before you leave. Since you already know what you are wearing, add those affiliate links now so you don’t have to search them as you draft your post.
  • Shoot quick, then be done. Just saying it again, grab the shot, shoot on high speed continuous and then be done. If you can’t edit, don’t. Remember no one is waiting by their phones dying to see your posts. You can also share on IG stories which is fun!
inspiration point at Yellowstone a great view yellowstone falls

That’s how I do it! It’s been about 3 years of traveling with blog sponsored posts so am pretty organized with this and hope it helps you. It’s work and sometimes people don’t know why you are getting your photo taken so often but eventually they realize you are working. It was funny because I think everyone the bus tour thought I was a little extra but then understood what I was doing after they asked and my mom told them. Someone asked if it was a modeling shoot, LOL.

Anyway, have fun, enjoy your trip and capture some epic images. I truly believe blogging has allowed me to live my best life through fun wardrobe choices and caring about the images I take and get to treasure with me to my grave!

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Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark IV35mm f/1.4L 85mm f/1.4EX

Do you work while traveling? Even for work trips whether blogging or not, how do you find ways to enjoy the trip for yourself? Share in the comments!


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