Writing without a purpose

ell I said I would post new blog posts on Tuesday and Thursdays and so here we are or here, there’s something about sticking to a schedule that I think helps but if I can be honest, I feel less of a need to express myself in comparison to several years ago. I wonder if it’s a mix of finding an image to post with a blog post (this one a few months old from a campaign but also, I have 21,000 images uploaded to my blog??) and then formulating the words.

So I’ve been binge watching SATC in anticipation of “And Just Like That” when it hits HBO Max and yes I’m throwing a party for the first night and ordering NYC style pizza. I’m so much like Carrie Bradshaw – I have a B.A. in Journalism (I actually have a degree and took an ethics and media course and I know how to report unbiased – shocking I know), I’ve had a called off wedding, I used to write about relationships for an online publication (in college), I love designer shoes (a more recent thing that has happened in the past few months of splurging), and I think my personality is a bit more like her. I also like to write a lot, or used to, well that’s what we’re going to talk about.

Now I came to the SATC fan club a bit late. I didn’t have HBO in college when everyone else was watching it, and I never watched it since then. Then there was the questioning that goes something like – is this a good idea to watch as a new Christian (at 25) and while that’s obviously debatable and I can already hear the opinions, I’m not here to discuss that. I think I started watching it in my early thirties, I can’t remember. Anyway, the older I get the less I care about what others think.

People are going to make assumptions and judge no matter what you do so you may as well be yourself and do what makes you happy or feels right to you.

So the real reason I bring up Sex and the City is because I noticed how much writing Carrie does in every episode. It’s all about her column, the thought process she has, the reflections, the writing. Watching the show made me reflect upon my own (lack of) writing. I thought, do even have time to write, who is reading? Who cares? Does anyone read blogs anymore? Isn’t everyone on Instagram wanting to watch people mouth to other audio? Do I have time to actually listen to my thoughts anymore, do I even ponder as much as I used to, or was that a luxury of my youth, contemplating, slowing down and taking time to myself. Have my priorities changed? Do I miss writing?

Who told us that blogs had to stop being so personal and starting being so content focused, so pretty, so teachable and valuable when the people read blogs to begin with were the words and the casual connection? Its something that has certainly disappeared over the years and now turned into this incredibly curated, perfect feed that has smothered some of the free creativity out of us! And yes, I’m guilty for giving into that pressure (but it has given me a new career).

I just completed 44,000 words over the past two years for a book project – not the blog, as I’m sure there’s probably 4 million words written over the decade plus. I’m done writing abut that subject which you’ll hopefully find out over by the end of the year (publish date goal), but I wonder if words will continue to formulate, if the thoughts need to be shared and how often I feel compelled to share.

Life is so much more simpler the older I’ve become. I exercise my body and hands more than my mouth.

It feels like I’m a bit of a waiting period right now. I’m keeping occupied with various projects like photography, occasional social media collaborations, and though that’s good, my life goal is to lunch and host parties. Perhaps what I’m really waiting for now is the weather to cool down so I can get back outside, garden, plant, spray paint some furniture I bought at an Estate Sale and blog about it.

Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I love the blog enough to give it a little facelift, that’s coming soon.

And maybe the things in life we think we should give up are the things that we don’t because it gives us life. Is doing something that doesn’t fatten our wallets like it used to really a waste of time or is the investment something greater?



Diana Elizabeth is listening to audiobooks on Libby for free but the pressure to finish the books within a certain time gives her some pressure. How long do audiobooks take people to complete? She did finish Mariah Carey’s audiobook under a week.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Demi Bang

    Hi Diana! I love this blog post. I think earlier this year, I was so focused on SEO and trying to increase my blog traffic and started to think of what to write to help SEO instead of what I want to write. I still wrote very personal blog posts, but it’s all saved in my drafts because I feel like if I’m vulnerable, then I’m open for unsolicited advice (advice that might be hurtful) and I don’t want to put myself in that position.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Demi!! So much pressure for “value” right?? And a pretty blog with pretty images and I think that killed some of us, some of our creativity. You can always have to approve blog comments if you want. I do that, if it’s an email that has already been approved then it automatically posts to the comments :) That way you keep your space safe. Don’t worry about unsolicited advice, I get that often too haha!! I just think hey that’s kinda nice you feel that comfortable uhhhhhh. You know what I miss? All the blog comments I used to get years ago. Times have changed! I appreciate you reading and you should post what makes you feel happy!

  • Trenton Talbot

    Frankly, I’ve killed my business (photography) blog upon realization that it was work that I did not enjoy at all.
    You write about whatever moves you at the moment, enjoying the process and feedback… as a result your SEO gets all over the place. And if you write for SEO, it’s a tedious work that practically no human reader would enjoy.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Trenton, it’s a fine balance between work and pleasure and when work gets overwhelming sometimes the fun gets squeezed out because there’s less time! It can be such a hard thing o balance. I feel you!


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