Working with Jasmine Star


I am so overdue on this post, please excuse me.  A month ago, my friend Stephanie emailed me asking if I would be interested in modeling for Jasmine Star.  I would love to tell you this was no big deal at first since I think so highly of my friends and I have many mutual friends with Jasmine Star, but really, let’s be real – this was a big deal.

Every photographer who does weddings or portraits knows who Jasmine is. Who hasn’t followed her blog at one point religiously to find you’ve spent hours going back to all the photography tips, the funny personal posts – especially as a beginner?  I waited in line at WPPI my first time to watch her speak.   I even purchased one of her wedding courses on CreativeLive about wedding photography.

She motivated me early in my stages of photography, so I was thrilled to finally work with her that I felt like a circle was being completed.

Here I was, after all that time able to work with one of the best and well-known in the industry.

I wore a black wedding dress which is just wicked awesome.


Mr. Wonderful was a great sport and had his hair sleeked back which he disliked to the core but he didn’t complain.  The look was very Mad Men like – a show I’ve never seen but I get what they were going for.  These were taken at the Saguaro Scottsdale Hotel, a design by Your Cloud Parade.

And in typical Mr. Wonderful fashion, Benjamin had some posing ideas of his own. I always tell him to control himself in front of my professional peers but he just can’t.  We’ll see if those made the cut when Jasmine releases the images.


I was absolutely crazy about my up-do.  Isn’t it unreal?  This done locally by the gals at Babydoll Weddings.  I think I want to request this if I ever have a formal event to attend again.  Make up by them as well.

Oh and that crazy line is not the makeup line, that’s my eye wrinkle.  I didn’t see that and I frantically asked Mr. Wonderful, “So is that my makeup?” and then realized, oh that’s a smile wrinkle.  *Insert horrid emoji expression here.*


A few days earlier I was modeling for a clothing line and asked Mr. Wonderful to snap a photo.  He just took a photo of me.  He didn’t realize when I said that I meant, I want a photo of me in action which includes the whole setting, so I had to clarify.

“Honey, will you take a picture of me getting my picture taken by Jasmine?” I explained as I walked with Jasmine.

Because you know, this was a very big deal.


So what was Jasmine like in person? Exactly as she is on video, on her blog, as you would expect.  Gracious, kind – she even asked if we needed anything and proceeded to serve us margaritas (I couldn’t since I turn red because I’m Asian).  It felt like I knew her, because well I felt like I did after reading her life and it was just easy.  I didn’t want to say goodbye, she made me laugh and smile, and I just wanted to be around her.  But, we had to say goodbye.  I think Benjamin summed it up perfectly on our way home.

“I haven’t seen the photos yet and I’m not familiar with Jasmine’s work, but I can see why you say she’s so popular.  She made that fun and she has a GREAT personality!” – Benjamin

That’s the truth.

I’ll let you know when the images are published.  Thanks Steph for the connection and J* for your friendship.

Diana Elizabeth says will you look how cute Jasmine looks in her little wedge booties?  She wears flats when she shoots!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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