Why I gave up my old espresso machine and bought a Nespresso

Why I switched to Nespresso

Why I gave up my old espresso machine and bought a NespressoHoodie: H&M / Shirt: Banana Republic / Jeans: 7 for all Mankind / High Tops: H&M

So what’s the big deal about this Nespresso machine, sure it’s cute, but so what? It looks so expensive. I already have an espresso machine and I like a specific ground so why did I make the switch – asking this for my birthday present? Oh let’s get into it and talk coffee because I wasn’t sold when I read about it and I think I can do a much better job explaining this amazing machine – not a sponsored post by the way, but I so wish.

I had two girlfriends who introduced me to Nespresso and there is no doubt – the coffee is amazing, hands down. I was hesitant on any machine that requires me to stick to the line (I mean I can’t buy a specific coffee?) but I soon realized the taste of Nespresso flavors won’t make you miss any specific coffee bean you have already been drinking. The convenience and beautiful design is another, so let’s dive into why I made the switch.

First, let’s talk about affordability

  • Coffee pods are about $0.70 each. To compare, Benjamin has a Keurig (and we do like it, he’s a traditional coffee drinker) and his Starbucks coffee pods are $1 each.
  • I bought the Citiz for $249. That’s cheaper than my Via-Veneza I paid $400+ for at Williams-Sonoma (however there is a huge difference in what they actually are, more later in this post).
  • I bought the milk frother separately for $119 and it was also 25% off. You can buy a machine with it attached but I don’t froth milk often but wanted the option. I can hide it in the cabinet.

Now, let’s talk about convince

  • Most machines heat up in 25 seconds.
  • Put in a pod and you can walk away, no watching it to make sure your shot doesn’t overflow.
  • Coffee and espresso drinker? There is a combo line. My model is focused on espresso but also has an option of longer pour (specific pods for that with more grounds). There are also machines just for American coffee.
  • Machines come in an array of colors. I say this counts as convenience.
  • It’s compact.
  • Easy to refill the water. Easy to see the water level right behind the machine.
  • There are a TON of different flavor options, and each flavor has a decaf version that tastes exactly the same.

So not only does it taste amazing, it’s really a no-brainer. Gorgeous design, affordable, and efficient *ding ding* winner in my book!

I’m so glad I went into the store to get some help on what would be best for me. I was so overwhelmed by the selection and once I talked about what I needed it was easy. When we left Benjamin said, “You know we’re getting old when we get excited about coffee.” Yep.

A good point

A family friend brought up the fact you are really buying a hot water dispenser – but what they really sell you is the coffee – that’s the true winner and why people love their Nespresso. It’s like buying an smart phone fairly cheap but they get you on the data plan. Or a printer for $100 but the ink refills costs you way more over time.

This is why you can get a Nespresso machine for $200 or less – while some espresso machines are $400+ (my old one). Instead of it being an espresso machine like at Starbucks, it’s like a Keurig for coffee. Nespresso will hate that I said that because they have their own American coffee line machine, but you get what I’m saying, it’s the best way to explain it.

So should you convert? It depends on if you are in the market for an espresso machine, you don’t love your coffee bean options (I never finished my drinks even though I love lattes), and you want better flavor choices and convenience. I’m currently trying to convince Benjamin to give up his Keurig to go Nespresso for his American style coffee.

I would love to hear, do you have a Nespresso? What is your favorite flavor? 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Gianluca

    I “converted” myself to Nespresso one year ago and as a big fan of espresso, it was a game changer! Plenty of flavours, cheap and easily disposable, with the convenience of having them all in your home, anytime. I had been using pour overs, moka and cold brew before, and I still use the latter for summer drinks, but each one had the same issue: there was no guarantee that the coffee you were making would taste exactly the same as the previous one. There was always the risk of coming up with a cup below average or not as good as you expected.

    This doesn’t happen with my Nespresso machine. Which btw has also bluetooth support and that means tweaking the amount of coffee, water, overall length of the coffee right from my mobile. Speak again about convenience! :)

  • Stephanie

    Yea.. we just took the Nespresso back, tried the array of flavour pods – espresso for lattes & larger coffee. We like to have 1 latte most mid days but we like the coffee we make by grinding our own beans for mornings. We use upscale beans, not hung up on SBX (generally prefer Indy coffee shops if possible) so we love our lattes, but not that we love SBX.
    I guess what made us change is that we found the coffee to be .. eek: sorry – watered down, b/c it was SO clean tasting & had little depth .. even the richer coffee pods. Also, it was annoying to have the foam crema on my cup of coffee, latte yes, my coffee – no.
    So this reviewer & her husband took back the Nespresso & bought (another) Cuisinart coffee maker with our Illy beans we grind ourselves … ahhh :) Real, fresh, clean tasting coffee with depth .. To each their own – we tried. Enjoy all!

  • Stephanie

    On the fence, just bought Nespresso maker – we have always ground our beans & had straight coffee in morning, then bought 1 SBX latte somewhere in the day. Haven’t had an espresso to make lattes yet, just the coffee one with heated milk (I have the frother/heater) but I have always heated milk in microwave in advance so only need frithe4 if making latte.
    This coffee takes getting used to … it’s not coffee from fresh ground beans, the flavour is clean & fresh which is good (like when I clean & change filter in my regular coffeemaker … however I DO find the taste is watered down :/
    This is a new Vertuoline with the 1/2 oval pods .. don’t think it’s better than SBX but I HAVE found after having this in morning I don’t feel need to have another in the day .. have switched to less expensive & relaxing mint tea ;)
    We’ll see how it progresses … we don’t have a Nespresso store near us so may have to order on Amazon. We have 30 days to try, can take back if we’re not convinced … (BTW, SBX keurig pods in retail are often on sale for $8.99 for 12 – i’m In Canada)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Stephanie! Hm, so odd with the taste, perhaps you could sample some other Nespresso pods so you can get the roast strength you want? I make lattes often so I am often mixing it with milk and love it! I also have another Nespresso machine – the Vertuo line as well. I’m personally not a Starbucks coffee fan so we probably just differ in tastes :) I think if you enjoy Starbucks the fact that they have pods with the Keurig line may better suit you. Thanks for sharing your review! xx

  • Michelle

    Sooo glad you made the switch! After living overseas and drinking my Nespresso espresso every morning, I had to make the switch. Goodbye Starbucks Verismo.

  • Charis

    Well written Diana! We got our Nespresso machine last year and we are in love with it!!!! The efficiency, the cost, the TASTE, the clean up, the beautiful wrapping…it can’t be beat!!!!! My husband said it’s coffee on steroids, unlike other machines that just water it down!! They also have different flavors that come out for different seasons, like their banana bread one…it’s divine and you can honestly taste the flavor, unlike most!! It’s also EXTREMELY fresh tasting. The Keurig coffee often doesn’t taste as fresh and even has a “chemically” taste to it. I could go on and on!! ☕️

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Charis!! You said it girlfriend! I think that I realized there is no clean up which is the best!! Hello good mornings and quick coffee! :) xo


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