When Haters Hate on Social Media

Maybe this post will apply to just a handful of you who own businesses, or maybe this will apply to you one day as you’re trying to build one.  Either way, this post is for all who have been a victim of social media rudeness, and all the haters out there – thanks for inspiring this post and still reading my junk.

How I get hated on:

  • Within 5 seconds of uploading a YouTube video there’s a thumbs down.  Hello, there’s like 2:40 left, you haven’t seen the most awesome part at the end!
  • I write an article giving advice (barely getting paid in some instances) and someone on Facebook calls my image blurry. Really?  Surprising.
  • Or critiques my pose – even though that was my intention
  • Leaves a dig in the comments on an article I write

What I would love to do:

  • Go through their website and critique their work
  • Respond with, “I’m sorry you were not hugged enough as a child or told by your parents ‘You can do it!'”

What I really end up doing:

  • Pick my nose, because that’s more productive
  • Write another article, because I get paid to do that!  And they don’t get paid to read it, sucka!
  • Ignore it and secretly grin because they gave me a minute of their life and I will not spare them one back #winning

I’ve had this conversation with friends, especially those with businesses – we all get our feelings hurt putting ourselves out there, or we’re shocked that people can be so rude.  Listen, haters gonna hate, that phrase exists for a reason, and trollers just exist because they are insecure, unhappy, and just angry.  I stopped writing for one online source because I wasn’t getting paid enough to put up with the incredibly rude and ungrateful readers.  What’s the point of trying to be helpful when people rip you to shreds?

Also don’t get caught up on if not enough people like or comment on what you post.  I have like 2500 friends on my Facebook business page and my posts get seen by like 200, if even depending on how nice Facebook wants to be to me that day.  Sometimes, people aren’t glued to their phone to watch their feed – case is – don’t overanalyze.

But, with all that aside, I go back to this ladies and gents:


And then I go back on my merry way, doing what God intended me to do, and focus on who he intended me to be.

Even the devil can leave his comments and he won’t shake me.

Diana Elizabeth says social media can be strange, but don’t let it be.  Don’t let negativity keep you down, use it to fuel yourself and just feel plain sad for those who are in a constant criticism of others.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Emily

    Hi Dianna,

    I wanted to thank you for this post. I’m a pretty new business owner and have just had my first taste of cyber rudeness.
    It does not feel good, and makes me doubt myself, but hearing that it happens to others and that they can toughen up and keep going is really encouraging.
    Thank you for sharing! It really helps.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Emily, we will all be a victim from it – you can’t take it personally. When people say rude things it’s a reflection of poor upbringing and a bad heart so I just know it has nothing to do with me personally. Chin up. There is no one or nothing in this world everyone likes.

  • Lydia

    Yes and amen! We’re not guaranteed people will like us here on earth (though thankfully there are friends and family that do!), but we have an eternal reward in heaven just waiting for us to come home!

  • angel swanson

    love this honest and transparent post. and i love YOU! xox

  • Mailinh

    Such a good reminder! I sometimes feel that there needs to be a “social media” etiquette workshop for people because I feel that people tend to abuse the power of “free speech”.

    But always know that even though there are negative comments, there’s also a good amount of positive comments and supporters. :)

  • Karla

    Great post, Diana. I always have to remind myself to seek God’s approval, not by others. Glad you can move on when others are so unhappy in thier life, but I know it can hurt too. Oh, I love the pick your nose but, too funny!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Karla, thanks for your comment! It’s a tough thing to deal with as most of the time I’m in shock that anyone would take the time to discourage others, but I’m reminded to live for an audience of One. Glad you liked the picking the nose comment, it’s something I tell my gfs when they are upset, “Go pick your nose instead, it’s more productive.” ;) xx!


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