What Inspires Me

Joy asked us to write a short list of the things that inspired us during her workshop.  She suggested that we list things outside of the box, then we were to share one.  I starred the one I shared but as I was writing this list I couldn’t stop and I thought this had to be a blog post.

I encourage you to sit and spend a few minutes to write down the things that inspire you.  The things that move your soul.  The things in life that make you think, reflect, that make you remember, and keep you going and hold onto that list to be inspired all over again.

  • Airport running kind of love
  • The way the sun feels on my skin (when it’s not scalding hot)
  • The way a soft breeze feels when the temperature is perfect
  • How warm it was under the blankets when my mom would open them for me to jump in
  • Paris’ excitement when I walk in the door
  • Winks from charming old men
  • Winks in general
  • Old couples, it means they grew old together
  • The band Parachute
  • Clouds
  • Hand kisses
  • Endearing nicknames
  • Twitterpatted excitement of a new relationship
  • Antiques because they are old, worn, and loved items
  • Relationships
  • A relationship that honors the Lord
  • Anticipation until you see him or her again
  • The smell of babies (when they are clean)
  • Strong driven people who never give up
  • The feeling of protection
  • The feeling you get when you just want to dance or jump up and down
  • Unexpected wonderful surprises
  • Knowing that the feeling is mutual
  • When a little one reaches for you or gets excited to see you
  • Baby smiles
  • Chivalry, no matter what age or circumstance
  • My parents relationship
  • God’s truth
  • Possibilities

Diana Elizabeth is inspired by relationships most of all.  That’s why she loves photography.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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  • Eric

    LOVE it and decided to compile my own inspiration list….

     Looking at the land from the sky and realize how BIG the world we’re living in
     People who DARE TO DREAM
     John Wooden
     Gifts and talents that God blessed me with
     Looking at my watch and knowing my time here is limited
     Helping people get what they want
     Christian music
     Observing people when they display love affection toward another person
     When I see a child helping another child
     The process it takes to earn a person’s trust
     Seeing people (myself including) change and make better decisions in life
     The loyalty that Apollo (my dog) shows when he follows me around the house even though our time together is limited
     My commitment to go on a mission trip in 2012
     My mother who is the most loving, patient person in the world
     Strangers who smile at you for no reason other than to show their inner joy
     My business plan
     Believing in others before they believe in themselves
     Reading books (what I’m reading now: Rules for Revolutionaries)
     Reverse engineering (we can do that with a product, service, or people)
     Real stories with real struggles and how they are overcome
     Freedom. Unfortunately freedom is not free. Someone has to pay the price
     Teamwork. I’d rather build a championship team than a team of champions
     Simplicity (no drama queens, please)
     Confidence developed from failing after trying your best
     People who use their ears more than their mouth


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