Hi! Oh boy, we are here – finally. If you’re reading this on a RSS feeder, please come on over to the new site. If you’re reading on mobile, you may notice the blog is now mobile friendly!

It means so much to me you spend part of your day with me and so I want to make it worth your time. I believed a new redesign for everything would help clear all the cobwebs in my brain and focus!

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New blog features

  • There is now a shop. This pages showcases products in beauty, home and garden, linking you to the online stores. Some items are efficient products, and others are simply things I love. I plan to add to it when I discover new products, and I am often asked for gift ideas so this is a great resource for a gift guide.
  • There are double menus. Category topics are under the logo, while main pages are at the top – like my home tour and photography portfolio.
  • There’s a scrolling image bar that will highlight posts for new visitors or if you stop in every once in a while – products and posts that I think you’d be interested in.
  • I created a Style and Beauty category. I’ll be sharing more of those type of posts. Lifestyle category now consists of personal life and work life and branches into those topics if you so want to read about specific topics like relationships, or business tips, you can go straight to those posts.
  • You can get blog posts delivered to your email. Added to the sidebar is the option to opt in my newsletter that I send once a year or two, haha, I’m trying to get better, or receive new posts by email – they will be sent weekly and not every day as to avoid you getting sick of me.

Why I decided to rebrand

It had been six years since my custom blog and I loved it every year as it helped elevate my photography brand. When I decided to blog more, a few facelifts occurred but then I needed a fresh start.

I can truly tell you that for individuals, I believe a persons brand is not a logo or color theme, it is you. This is my third time rebranding since 2010. If I were a restaurant, bank, or a brick and mortar, changing up my logo this many times would be a terrible idea. But as an individual and watching other creatives/entrepreneurs, I’ve seen their logos change three times over the course of five years if not more, so if you’re thinking about it, do it.

The branding



My goal was simplicity and elegant – typography focused with a tagline so as soon as you came to my blog you would know I’m a home and style blog. My photography logo is the same, but no tagline.

I also have photography clients who come to my blog (doctors, CPAs, corporate clients included and I wanted my blog and photography site to be cohesive in look). Sometimes it takes rebranding to challenge you to be even better with what you do and the information you provide. I’m hoping this stays true for me.

This is my alternative logo which could be used in other ways. It reminds me a little of of Hermes. I’m not quite ready to let go of my commissioned watercolor portrait so she stays on the sidebar for now.


Thanks for being here, thanks for reading, and thanks for trusting me. I never take your trust and time for granted.

Tomorrow, we kick off with a $100 giveaway to one of my favorite clothing lines, I’m sure you know who that is – Kokoon!

{Photo by Michael Franco}