Weekend in So Cal

For the Fourth of July Mr. Wonderful and I headed out of town to the Camarillo/Ventura area to visit my little brother.  He’s been living there for 5 years (we are originally from Nor Cal) and I hadn’t seen his place, ever.  I know, I’m a terrible sister.

We landed in Burbank, my favorite airport because it’s little and you get to walk on and off the plane which is fun when you get off, but so not fair when you board and you’re like A59 and people after you decide to enter through the back of the plane and take up all the seats. Anyway, a few highlights of our trip in photos.

The ocean, the ocean!!  Oh how I forgot what it’s like to live by the ocean and smell the strange sea things, hear the waves, wind, and well, enjoy the overcast days and ocean life.  Also crazy obsessed with the Premium Outlets at Camarillo – they had a Splendid there and you can pretty much say I’ll be saving my pennies for when I return to raid it again!


Then we ate this thing called a taco pizza.  I am sure it was amazing but I couldn’t tell because my entire mouth was on fire that I was only able to eat half a slice.  Blake was sweating and drinking so much water and said it did taste good.  I just don’t think he was exactly comfortable eating it. I think if I were to try it again, I’d ask for it without any hot sauce baked in.


There was a lot of 3D movie watching and a little bit of Dance Dance Revolution in the apartment:


We headed to The Huntington Library in San Marino which I haven’t been to since I lived in LA years ago.  They have a museum and amazing grounds.  For this visit we just checked out the grounds and enjoyed not sweating while walking outside.

fourth-july-vacay-001fourth-july-vacay-006 fourth-july-vacay-007 fourth-july-vacay-008 fourth-july-vacay-010fourth-july-vacay-002fourth-july-vacay-009

Then there was the desert garden – which is so uninteresting to me considering I live in the desert.  However, Blake says that’s his favorite because it’s more exotic to him and he never gets to see it.  Hey bro, you want to trade places?

The rose garden was pretty too – I want trellises like this with climbing roses.  I’d Miracle-Gro those babies so much they’d get fertilizer burn.  I did totally laugh when I heard someone sneeze in the rose garden.

fourth-july-vacay-014 fourth-july-vacay-013

And my favorite, dun-dun-dah-dah!  The herb garden!  Look at that walkway path.  I think we want to do that soon.

fourth-july-vacay-015 fourth-july-vacay-016 fourth-july-vacay-017

When we were done, I asked for us to purposefully get lost in San Marino so I could drool at the homes and take stalker images as we drove by (so sorry these are so horrible!). I took about 20 as we zoomed by but I figured I should only share three.

fourth-july-vacay-021fourth-july-vacay-020 fourth-july-vacay-022

Then the Blakester took us to Lure Fish House in Camarillo, which is absolutely ADORABLE and ridiculous amazing food.  I also loved their service.


And yes, look at this light fixture with that beadboard ceiling.  I really want to do that to my rooms now!


Bye bye So Cal, be back in two weeks!


Equipment used: Canon Powershot S100

Diana Elizabeth had so much fun and so did Mr. Wonderful.  It’s always heaven when family just gets along and meshes so well.  Benjamin couldn’t be a better fit to the family – and he’s a husband that brings me closer to my family and friends, isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • angel swanson

    love this little recap! i have to say, it does make me cry a little inside to know that you were sorta close!! need to hug you in person soooooooon. xoxo

  • krystalc

    What a fun, beautiful trip you seem to have had!
    And oh how sweet & true your final thoughts are about hubbies. What a blessing. Shout out to the two B’s in our life who rock at being husbands!!! :)


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