Wedding Photographer’s Preparation

Spring is upon us and love is in the air!  In other words, it’s wedding season y’all.

I take weddings more seriously than I take my taxes.

I feel like I have wedding preparation down to a mad science and this was my preparation for the past month.  If you’re interested in how to edit an 8-hour wedding within one day, visit this post.   

1-2 weeks out, I have already:

  • Visited the location with the venue coordinator and/or planner
  • Relayed to the planner or bride if there is no planner, all details, shoes, jewelry, invite to be on a table where I can grab and shoot
  • Received details from bride on the dress maker, shoe designer, etc.
  • Received details from planner the vendors involved so it’s blog post submission ready
  • Asked bride and groom for any need to know information regards to family sensitivities
  • Know when my bride and groom are returning from their honeymoon – with a blog post ready for them on that day or the day after
  • I know where portraits and the first look will take place – and so does my second shooter
  • Collected the wedding balance
  • A blog post with the vendors and details, complete with links, ready to pop in my pictures and publish!

I take timelines seriously.  Probably too seriously.

  • By the time the last timeline is emailed to me by the planner, I have probably looked at it 3-4 times and given feedback.  It is now perfect.
  • I make my own “photographers” timeline – a very condensed list so I know the important events I need to photograph, complete with minutes so I know how much time I have. I print and put in my flip notebook that will fit in my pocket.
  • Portrait lists with group list name and actual names.  Ex: Bride with MOH, and Sister in Law: Name, Name, Name.

1-2 days before, I have already:

  • Been inspired by Pinterest
  • Taken a nap
  • Replaced or charged all batteries
  • Checked and tested gear
  • Cleaned lenses
  • Decided what I’m wearing
  • Formatted all my cards

The day of:

  • I sleep in hardcore.  The Mr. knows he must sleep in another room or the couch if he feels he’ll have insomnia because my rest for the night before is high priority.
  • I eat a nice breakfast
  • I calmly get ready, no social media, no distractions.
  • Take an allergy pill
  • Pack a hankie or tissues – in case.

Diana Elizabeth says even if your morning goes badly, remember to choose your attitude.  You are to make the day fun, calm, and document it as beautifully in camera as it is in person.  Enjoy that you’ve been chosen for such an incredible honorable job!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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