Tips on having a successful and profitable garage sale

I am the queen of garage sales, including group sales. I enjoy organizing them and purging!  Here are a lot of useful tips that I hope will help you sell, and most importantly, get rid of things!  I made $1200 at my last garage sale!

How to organize a group garage sale

First pick your date, then invite friends to see who can join. Decide on a set up time for all to set up.  Use chalk to outline their area. Tell friends to bring their own change, or VENMO code printed out so people can scan and pay.

How to advertise the garage sale

Facebook groups - your city, community or church group. Your own Facebook profile for friends. Next Door App, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace (post a few items then add the detail in text) Post bright signs the day before with the date and time on high traffic street corners.

TIP: Use the keyword, "GROUP  garage sale" and list what will be sold including sizes like adult and child sizes.

TIP: Keep expensive items closer to "checkout" to avoid sticky fingers.

Pricing items

This is how I like to price items for a quick sell and minimal preparation time - $1 box, untagged $5 houseware, or 5 for $20 Cheap clothing $7 Pricier clothing, $25 each,  2 for $45, 2 for $65 to encourage people to buy more.  For larger items like furniture, include a print out of original price to justify what you are asking.

Additional sale tips

Focus on your goal - Is it to make money or get rid of it? Price accordingly and print it clearly. Put tape over stickers if you are afraid of sticker swapping (it happens). Use those old shopping bags you saved for a rainy day and put items in there for your customers.

TIP: If enlisting help, have your partner install the Venmo app on their phone too to help with payment. Print out your code one paper!

Don't bring it back in your house!

I am a firm believer that if I was willing to sell it at a garage sale it meant I didn't have a use for it or love it that much. I fill up my car with the items that didn't sell and drop it off at my nearest thrift store that benefits an organization such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hospice, or Salvation Army and to try and bless others!

Remember at the end of the day, getting rid of items you feel MEH and decluttering your home is worth it no matter how much you make. And, if you spend the day selling with friends, it’s never time wasted! Have fun at your next yard sale.