I find that explaining how to pose couples can depend on a lot of variables. The environment, does the couple want posted portraits, is there a theme with props the clients want? I'll show some posing examples, it's quite easy, the location will help you with posing.

Active location - An active location like the state fair or fishing or doing something like flying a kite is easy - just document the activities!

The in the moment shots - have movement! A spin, a dip and kiss on the forehead, a skip, they are fun shots! Running and laughing is fun too.

TIP– Make a posing list on a label and stick it on the bottom of your camera – nuzzle noses, back of head, walking, etc.   Name your poses and have a quick look when you tell your couples to “relax” you can look down at the bottom and be inspired – trust me your clients are not watching you.

Nose against temple - This is one of my favorite poses for bridal.

Circle noses - But don't squish the noses, just circle noses and you get a giggle which makes a great shot!

Top of head kiss - A great shot depending on the height of the couple and a wonderful maternity pose!

Forehead touch - Another favorite post of mine for maternity!