How to kindly ask guests to remove shoes in your home

Perhaps having shoes off is a rule in your household for the family, and you’d love for guests to participate when visiting your home.  The no-shoe preference becomes regular for your guests who really know you – but what about the guests who don’t? Like how do you say it, if at all?

The exceptions

My personal thoughts on when guests should keep shoes on,  medical reasons, their own preference, or a cocktail party or shower where there are lots of guests and the shoes go with the outfit!

How to notify new guests ahead of time

A simple text is fine! A new friend was staying for a long time so I text her, “Hi! Just a heads up we don’t wear shoes in our home, so bring some socks to keep your toesies warm.”

What to write on the no-shoe sign

– Please remove your shoes we like to go barefoot inside – Shoes off please – Because little hands touch our floor, please leave your shoes at the door – Friends, please help keep our house neat, no shoes on your feet – Welcome to our home, leave your worries - and your shoes - at the door – Please remove your shoes, we like to play on the floor - The kids – Please remove your shoes and don't take a better pair when you leave – Welcome y'all kick off your shoes and come on in...

Your duty as a shoe-free host

Make sure you have clean floors - no crumbs or weird things to step on. Offer new socks, have slippers, whatever will make it easier!

If you are a guest who can't remove your shoes

Tell the truth why you can't. That's it. It doesn't even have to be valid, if you prefer to keep them on or you have a medical reason, no worries! Your guest will be like oh great, then keep them on!