Watching a Perfect Love Story Unfold

Monday night we attended my sweet friend Ashley and Michael’s wedding at Stonebridge Manor in the East Valley of Mesa.  It was a lovely day, so beautiful outside and a good evening – what a perfect day to get married and for God to use these two individuals to really impact and show such a true testimony of love, faithfulness, purity, and His favor.


I met Ashley many years ago, we both met through the exes we dated who were friends.  The best thing to come out of dating relationships that don’t work?  The friendships that you get from them that will last!  I have so many wonderful lifelong friends from people I’ve dated and I even love the girl’s my guy friends have dated and stay in touch.  Sorta funny how that works – perhaps it’s not a match made in heaven in the marriage realm, but it sure is a match made in other ways and I’m thankful for them!

Anyway, it brings me so much joy to walk through life with Ashley and see her happy ending unfold before my very eyes.  Over the years we have had chats over morning coffee at LGO, always making time for one another and just catching up on life.  I look at her as a little sister.  She’s not only gorgeous on the outside (see our long time shoot here), but she has a pure heart of goodness – a heart full of fun, free spirit, and a heart that loves Jesus and is obedient to Him, which is far more beautiful than anything else.  So perhaps two years ago or so when I asked her to jot down a list of husband desires so I could pray for him, whoever he was, and her desire for a husband, she wrote me a list, and I stuck it in my bible.  Yes I prayed – but I didn’t think the times that I did could ever create a Michael – because he’s truly a miracle!  Holy heaven above, he’s a perfect match for her so therefore I know many many other special people have been praying for this union and God had it planned all along!

And together, they will be a huge light of God’s love. le sigh.

I remember when I was single (several times) and I went to many weddings alone – three in fact, as a recently dumped girl.  And I sat there, heartbroken but glad I wasn’t with him or him or that weird guy, as I witnessed the vows and love before me.  The invitation to those weddings moved me.  In fact, I became a wedding photographer after my broken engagement many years ago and that opened my eyes to so much.  My clients had no idea they inspired me, encouraged me, and helped with my healing process.

So I thought I’d tell you, those of you who are single to watch other’s relationships, to know that someone will love you so very much to put a ring on it, and you will love them so very much back that you can’t wait for the day to be married to your best friend.  Getting married isn’t a race, it’s not an accomplishment, and it’s not a box you check off before you’re 30.  It’s a lifelong commitment and you need to be wise about your final decision.

I don’t think you should be sad if you aren’t married and you go to a wedding.  Take it from a girl who has been to many by herself and photographed them for years without a boyfriend in mind. Instead, be encouraged, be inspired, be happy to know that there is true love in this world, that God is faithful, He knows what is best, at the right time, and you will know.  Meanwhile, just get excited that one day it’ll happen to you and rejoice to see that true love does conquer.  You are a treasure remember that and don’t let any fool tell you otherwise!  That’s my little encouragement for this week to you, because I get it, I’ve been there, and girl, have I been there.

So let’s share more pics since I got dressed up and talk about my hair and fashion now.  I watched a video by Luxy Hair on YouTube and just did it really quick.  See the tutorial here.


Mr. Wonderful looks like a politician right?  So cute.


I am obsessed with my Alice + Oliva dress.  I’ve worn it several times and it was one of those investment pieces I discovered first on Pinterest (dang it that service is not free because you end up clicking on stuff and buying things!).

An oldie favorite turned new favorite has reappeared in my life – my first LV the musette tango shoulder bag.  I bought while in college, which at the time was $450 and my roommates were horrified I would spend that much on a purse (oh how I wish I could go back and have purchased more because you can’t even get a wallet for that price).  And now, 10+ years later, it’s for .  That’s why I believe in investment pieces. No used cheap purse can resell well.  I tuck in the straps and now it’s a giant clutch and I love it!


I’m going to talk more on Tuesday about my recent closet adventures and spending and donating.  I don’t think investment handbags are for everyone, you have to know your spending habits.  For me, I can’t buy something I don’t love or else it’ll be in the donate bin within a matter of weeks.  So I essentially am a huge money waster in that area, so I have to go with quality, that saves me money in the long run. I know, it sounds like I’m preparing a justification speech to Benjamin.  Hah!

Have a lovely weekend, all of you.

Diana Elizabeth will be going to air shows this weekend with her brother, he comes into town, yippeee!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.



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