Video Tour of the South of France

Give me 3.5 minutes, I promise this will relieve any stress, inspire you, and make you want to book a flight.  Let me take you on a quick tour of the South of France! Make sure you watch in HD!

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Bonjour!  I really do miss saying that.  I also miss having the TV on and listening to French, even though I understood zilch.

I’ve got one heck of racerback tan on my back from a day on the canal, and a whole lot of memories and photos to edit to recap what I’ve experienced.  I came back Thursday night, 10 pm, after hours of traveling, really all day.  From 9 a.m. car pick up from Montpellier to the airport, into Paris, JFK, then finally Phoenix, I fell asleep thanks to half of an Ambien and didn’t find myself jet lagged one bit on Friday.

Friday I got my iPhone screen repaired (it shattered the first night, thank goodness for the screen protector that kept the glass together), post office, shopped for Mr. Wonderful’s birthday, and wrote a few thank you notes.

I was sent on this trip by the Department of Tourism agency of France, click here if you want to make plans to visit to France.  Thanks to Cellular Abroad for providing overseas wi-fi so I upload and post to social media. Many thanks to Air France (with Delta) for the transportation to the beautiful country. Also thank you Rail Europe for the transportation between some of the top French cities.

Over the next few days or weeks, I will be sharing the experience because that’s what I’m here to do – to encourage and inspire you to take some time off and explore France in so many different, unique and fabulous ways.

For now, as I go through 1900+ photos, check out the video as I take you on a tour, then get super excited because I’m going to show you France like you’ve never seen before!  Check out my fellow blogger buddies I traveled with!

Crystal – Mommy Blogger
 – Travel Vlogger
Amanda – Health & Fitness Blogger
Vivienne – Travel Photographer
Dave – Marketing Manager & Tech Guru
Carol – Travel Writer


Diana Elizabeth is still getting over a little cold she picked up on day 3 of the trip.  It could have been worse, but now it still lingers just a bit.  She’s still grateful that it stayed under control.  A little nose blowing wouldn’t stop her from having a good time!

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