upbra cleavage bra

Upbra – cleavage for small breasts + lift for large

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Everyone likes embarrassing stories so let’s start off with one. I was on a new date, it may have actually been with Benjamin, let’s just pretend it was with him. I was wearing a super padded bra – the one that enhanced by two additional cups – I know, intense right?

I looked down and saw my should seatbelt nestled right between my overly padded bra and actual skin – obviously showing hey – there’s this HUGE gap, look at this overly padded bra, notice me. That was the last time I ever wore that bra.

I wish Upbra existed earlier – this is a real, it works, adjustable cleavage lift up bra.

upbra cleavage bra upbra cleavage bra

See the back? Notice the straps on the inside? You can pull them and tuck them to the spot you want, you adjust the cleavage! The hearts are adorable and they are there for non-slip to keep your cleavage in place all day long. No gaps either, I tried it on and put a shirt on and made sure – as long as you get the right size of course and adjust the strap accordingly.

On another note, you know that you start with the bra strap at its largest hook and as the elastic stretches you slowly move in. The Upbra has 4 hooks to extend the life of your bra!

I remember other bras pretending it could adjust your cleavage by this little tab in the middle but it was like 1/4″ and did nothing, anyone remember that fail?

upbra cleavage bra
upbra cleavage bra

A typical padded bra doesn’t compare to what the Upbra offers – it gives you control to adjust the cleavage and gives you lift – so if you need either, this will probably do it for you (and I see many “bra” searches on my blog so I really hope this helps some of you.

My first impression when I first opened the box was, is this going to be comfortable? At first I wasn’t sure I was like oh man this might be those special occasion nights and not every day – but after I wore it I hardly noticed it, unlike the added two cups bra which really hurt by the end of the day (from what I recall it was SO long ago).

In other good news, Upbra makes swimsuits too! I suggest getting your regular size and seeing how it enhance – and one more thing, you can get cleavage in a strapless, now that’s amazing!

The creators of Upbra also give you tan-through swimwear! Check out their innovative line of suits here!

Thank you Upbra for sponsoring this post.

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