Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide


2015 Inslee Calendar, $45

I am typically done with my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.  I did have one exception and I forgot why I fell behind – I think it was when I threw in getting married the first week of December!

If you’re like me and want a head start on the crazy malls or online shopping, here’s a guide of my favorite high and low price point gifts based upon the recipients. I own every single one of these things so I can vouch these are fantastic gifts!  You may find it tempting to pick one up for yourself.

Happy shopping!

The Traveler

Tune out the screaming kids, the loud pilot overhead, or even the flight attendant if you need that kinda of R&R. Mr. Wonderful now asks to take mine when he travels.  You will not hear a peep out of anyone around you.   I have put turned on the noise cancellation just to fall asleep – such a luxury.  If you want to read my review on it, click here.  On sale from $300 to $210 on Amazon.com.


Can one have too many clear bags or bags within bags?  I think not!  This set of 3 for $40, or a smaller set (in other colors) here for $22.  I love using them to organize wires, vitamins and pills, and hotel slippers – easy to see!

The Blogger


The talented Inslee drew my logo at the top of this blog, and I have another one of her prints framed on my desk.  You can go through her print collection here and find one that reminds you of your blogger friend.  Prints start at $30 for unframed, and go up to $120 should you want it framed and matted.  You can also gift a 2015 Inslee Calendar, $45.

I’ve drained my battery so many times, and done many times while traveling, especially. I blog and social media, and when I’m not around an outlet, the last thing I want is my battery dead!  For $14, this Poweradd Pilot X1 5200mAh Portable Charger Backup, $13.99 recharges my devices, up to 3x for my iPhone, and also my other photo devices.  I leave it in my purse for an emergency!

The Photographer


The best camera bag on the market hands down, and made by my friends (I’m so proud of them!), the UNDFIND One Bag holds a 13-inch laptop, but you’ll most likely use it for your camera equipment.  It has a ton of pockets and is unlike what else is out there because it allows your lenses to slide out easily.  $129 for the ONE bag.  For the smaller bag called the waist shooter, holds two lenses, $64.


Cards are on my body at all times.  I’d have to be stolen for those images to be gone.  Think Tank Pixel Pocket holds 10 compact flash cards, $20.

The Fashionista

Accessories are hard to organize, so this over the door or wall mount jewelry organizer is the perfect solution.  Holds 36 necklaces, 48 pairs of earrings, 96 rings, and 12 additional compartments ideal for bracelets.  This photo above is mine.  $110 on Amazon.com in whitecherry,  and black.


Comes in nearly every color – I have gold but I will get a pink pair soon.  I’m a size 8-8.5 and I am size M.  $15 on Amazon.com by Snoozies.

The Athlete/Sports Enthusiast


For the cyclist, extreme sports person, dune buggy, mountain biking, whatever makes you happy in the great outdoors, this action cam has shrunken down this year and has a live view remote which means you can really see what you are filming and share it live with others!  $348.

This wire-free and waterproof MP3 player by Sony is so great!   See my review here.  Under $90 on Amazon.

The Music Lover

Incredible sound, travel case included.  Hook it up to your iPhone or computer and connect via Bluetooth.  So pretty it can sit on a bookshelf or your kitchen counter.  Read my review here.  This model is discontinued but it means you can get it at a great price – $150 for black, or $125 for silver.  Shown in black.

Discontinued but it means so worth buying for this splash-proof Sony NFC Bluetooth wireless speaker system for $55 now (reg $130)! Read my review here.  Turn it on it’s back for surround sound, or leave it propped up facing you.

The Gardener

The Somerset Hat has UV50+ Protection, so it’s a legit gardening hat, not just cute!  $58 from Terrain.  Great for a day in the garden or even at the beach.


Gardening gloves don’t last forever, but these have shown little to no wear or tear, gifted to me last year for my birthday from my brother.  $28 on Amazon.com.  These are the gloves I reach for and I can cut roses and handle things without feeling a prick, also so comfy for a full day in the garden!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Carissa

    These are great ideas. I want that darling hat.
    I love that you can vouch for them all, sets your gift guide apart from the others : )

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Carissa, thank you :) I thought it would be a more legit list! Let me know if you end up getting the hat, I have 3 gardening hats, only two are SPF proof though – very important!


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