Twilighty kind of birthday

Ice cream cake courtesy of Mr. Wonderful – I love sharing cake space with Edward,
Me sporting my Team Edward shirt at the theaters, and lastly, just because,
a cute crown pot for my garden from E, of Club MED.

I’m never going to be too old to obsess, talk and request to be taken to the last saga of Twilight on my birthday.  Although this was the last movie which sort of just crushed my heart into a million pieces when the movie credits rolled.  I am definitely too old to feel the heartbreak I felt over a movie ending but at least I’m admitting it.

If you haven’t seen the last Twilight movie, you’re in for a real treat.  I know I won’t have to tell you to see it because if you’ve seen any of them, there’s no way you would ever miss seeing handsome Edward all blown up in your face.  If you haven’t gotten into the Twilight thing, I think you’d probably like it.  Then again, I’m not into Harry Potter but if there was a hot sparkly Vampire that looked like Edward, I might be.  Oh, and a pretty cool love story paired with the dreamiest setting (I know I heard Forks is not exactly nice but the Northwest just blows me away).

So back to the movie… if you haven’t watched or already have watched, a few things I’d like to express (don’t worry, not giving anything away, but even if so, READ THE BOOKS!!!)

  • Bella looked smokin’ hot as a vampire.  Her makeup and hair, I now want to go brown/red and insert colored contacts in my perfectly LASKIK’d eyeballs.
  • Bella and Edward’s little cottage that Esme built for them is basically my dream home, including the inside.  I am trying desperately to find the interior decorator and screenshots of who designed the inside set, so if you find, please send it to me.
  • Why did everyone gasp during that one part?  Oh, because it seems as though more than half of the people didn’t read the book series.  While I don’t care, I do think it’s tragic because the books are good.  OK, we know they are easy reads, but come on, read the books because we always know how that goes, books are so amazing. (Then again, I haven’t read the Hunger Games series so maybe that’s how HG fans feel about me).
  • I sorta wanted to cry at the end when they rolled those credits.

I’m sad just thinking about it.  Maybe I should go back this week to watch it again.  Mr. Wonderful and I love Fandango and by us we have the dinner and dine theater so our seats are always reserved.

Confession: I’m a little shy about birthdays now.  I disabled the Facebook notification because I didn’t need 750 of my “friends” to know and conveniently post on my wall because I figured my real friends would know.  I was explaining to Mr. Wonderful that it’s weird for me to get attention for something I didn’t like win or achieve. I don’t know how to explain it because I have appreciated the texts, gifts, and cards (thank you so so much), but am I the only one who is shy about them, almost preferring the non attention days?  I was so not like this when I was younger, that’s what’s funny.  I’ve also forgotten friend’s birthdays and had friends forget mine which to me just makes the day all the more casual/funny/let’s not over emphasize the day.  But I wanted to write this post just to emphasize one thing:  Twilight is the bomb and a birthday can be a wonderful excuse to get the Mr. to take me.

Diana Elizabeth is a sewing machine.  She recently made a garden tool apron on Sunday.  She found it pretty funny she just had fabric laying around to do a project – what has happened?  Has domestic life taken over?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Krystal C

    Can’t wait to see the flick! I KNOW you had a Happy birthday :)

  • Erin

    Totally love your honesty, Diana! I just saw the film last night, and I agree, it was pretty awesome. Kristen Stewart was great (and I haven’t been a huge fan of hers during the other movies), and the end credits were beautifully done. I would even venture to say that it was the best movie of the series? Darn, I’ll probably have to see it again just to be sure… :)


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