Twilight 10th Anniversary Bonus Content!


Just like I’d like to forget how long it’s been since I was in college, I’d also like to forget how long it’s been since Twilight jumped into our hearts. I’m sorry if this appeals to like five of you reading, but really, if you never got into Twilight, there’s this really cool tween heartthrobby kinda fun NKOTB excitement of life you’re really missing out on as an adult.

I mean let’s be real, over 100 million copies worldwide sold? We can’t all be crazy!

A new special edition book which features exclusive bonus content comes out October 6.

Like the Bible has the words of Jesus written in red, I really hope this new content is in a contrasting color!

Let’s reminisce when I met one of the wolves, Embry Call played by Kiowa Gordon with my bestie Meagan fall of 2009 –


Dang it why don’t I have that tank anymore? And when I would always take the day off work and make sure I watched Twilight the day it came out in theaters!


And take pictures by Twilight display signs.


I think this year I need a birthday cake with Twilight on it again. By the way, no need to buy this book for me for my birthday, you know I’ll have it in my hands the day it comes out, weeeeeee!! #TeamEdward

I’m going to skip all day now.

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  • Jennifer

    Yeah Team Jacob… Just kidding. I actually just re-read and re-watched the fourth book and the final movie last week. That fight scene totally caught me by surprise when I watched the movie the first time since it was not in the book.

    Did the author ever mention Emmet’s background in the books? I think she left him out!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I was actually replaying everyone’s story in my head – did she do Alice’s story? I don’t remember!

  • Carrie

    I have to tell you my Twilight Saga……I am in my EARLY 50’s and I worked at a place with much younger gals. They were all engrossed in these Twilight series books and it is ALL they talked about. So I asked one of the gals what the books were all about. They told me it was about vampires. I was like What??? Vampires, come on. Well, it got so “bad” at the office with everyone picking teams, and Edward this and Jacob that, I thought I better read one to make sure it wasn’t some kind of cult or something. I just knew that I would think the books were silly and would never even get through the first book……..well you know what happened :) I started the first book at 10 pm at night, stayed up till wee hours of the morning to finish it and continued to read the rest of the books within 4 days and was hooked!!!! I joined all the gals to see each and everyone of the movies and I will be getting the 10th anniversary one too!! My 29 year daughter thought I was nuts!!!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Carrie!!! Oh my gosh your comment is my most favorite comment EVER!!!! Yes I do know the feeling! Here’s my Twilight story – I got it as a gift and I was like, what on Earth? I was reading all of spiritual books, Jesus books, Bible and I was mentally exhausted from so much to do and information! I glanced at my nightstand and thought, hm, I should just read a few pages then go to bed. Then, the same thing happened to me! I had to chase down all the books as I traveled from Target to Target and have it for the plane. I was insanely hooked! I’m really sad that the version from Edward’s perspective got leaked and Stephanie didn’t release it, ugh. I also am super sad Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson aren’t together in real life because that was how Twilight was going to live on in my world ;) So — I take it you’ll be getting the book October 6 too? I’ll be on a plane back from DC so I will have a nice plane ride home with it!


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