Trying to Pave the Way, My Own Way

I had the idea last summer – the video blogging thing.  I talked about it and I just never got around to doing it because well, I never had a webcam and when I finally bought one, I had a PC which meant it would skip insanely that I could never quite capture a smooth video.  So, the new year began and I decided after getting an iMac I would finally video blog.  Then I was told a lovely and insanely popular wedding photographer already did it weeks prior. I had no idea and I was devastated not wanting to look like a copy cat.  Then I started to panic!  I wasn’t being original.  Then I realized others were following suit and video blogging.  At first, I was horrified – hey that was my idea!

Then, I got off my high horse and realized this – I’m not the first to make people hold fruit or baby boots.  Or cut off people’s faces, stage a shoot, host a workshop, or come up with the genius idea of video blogging.  I’m not the first.  I’m not the original.  And there will always be followers and rarely will anyone know who the leader is.  And rarely, will anyone care.  So while there is certainly a ton of incredible talent out there utilizing the same marketing skills I’m doing or even photographic concepts, what I can do to make it original is to do it none other than my way.

Sometimes it’s tough to watch what every one else is doing and compare yourself.  Should you make the bridal party jump in the air together or do a sultery sexy pose, or a fun outrageous running toward the camera shot like you see others do?  Are you good enough, is your work solid, will you ever be able to convince potential clients that you have what it takes?  That your pricing is worth it?  That your ideas are creative and unique?  Yes, only if you do it your way.  Your style, your personality, who YOU are, that’s what will make the “same old” video, e-session, photography skill, different and unique. You really wouldn’t want it any other way.  You want geuine “likes” on Facebook, not some strategic contest to just up numbers who will later “unlike” you later down the line.

One of my darling brides Joanna, told me as she searched endlessly for a wedding photographer from a list of nearly 30 a friend had sent her, “I had already told her I wanted the photos to be more unique – no super posed photos…Anyways, yours was the fourth from the last and next to the link she wrote ‘She has an interesting style’ and the second I got onto the website, like I said, it was like you clicked and fit right into the place that was open for you!  I told her that I immediately fell in love with your photography style and she said, ‘Really?  Hers were realllllly different from the rest and I wasn’t sure you’d like them.’ ”  She did.  And, I adore Joanna to smitherines.  So much infact that I nearly jumped up and down at our first meeting.

I was elated.  Yes, to some, I might be a bit weird.  I backlight like none other (and I don’t care), and my photographs have a vintage, rustic flair.  Some might not like it, but the girls who choose me for my style and who I am, well, that’s what I want.  Don’t worry about what every one else is doing.  We all march to the beat of a different drum and besides, I love that every one else is doing their own thing, that’s what makes every one unique.

I always say that no matter who you are or what your interests are, there is someone for everyone. I firmly believe that.  So in terms of photography, make this thing, your own thing.

Diana Elizabeth believes in sharing tips, great marketing ideas, and always giving without the expectation to receive anything in return.  She insists that giving is much better than receiving.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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  • Mayra

    Diana! This is great!!! Soooo many times I think of awesome ideas and let them pass for a few weeks, even months and …I’m sooo upset at myself when I see something similar on someone else’s blog or website! Same thoughts cross my mind..panic, people thinking I’m copying them, etc etc. I truly enjoyed reading this! Next time I’m in Phoenix, maybe we can style a shoot together and come up with some crazy good ideas ;) If you ever want to grab some lunch in the “middle” {AKA Tucson} let me know :D


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