Truly Loving

Bodysuit: Forever21 (similar) / Wishbone earrings: Kate Spade (similar) / Jeans: Levi’s
Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV

Hi babes, just wanted to check in between and say hello. I’m back at it with photography, lots of Faces of Phoenix profile shots for PHOENIX magazine. I have some thoughts about how you know you truly love something, I’ll talk more about that in this post.

Meanwhile a few things about what I’m truly loving, lately.

  • Monsoon season is here in Arizona and it’s so fun – minus jumping when everyone’s iPhone goes off loud alert for flash flood warnings! The fierce winds, the downpour of rain going sideways, followed by the most amazing sunsets EVER (can I get an amen from those of us who live in AZ?) but the humidity is miserable for us who are used to the dry heat. Humidity kills me, so any of you who live in humid areas, you are champs and the benefit is that your skin is going to stay nice and youthful with that humidity! That’s what my mom says, anyway and she’s pretty much always right.
  • And since monsoon season is here, I like sticking around. My travels stop for a little bit until I head to Prague in a month – I am considering making this trip incredibly personal, as in no business. I’m not sure if I’ll look for sponsors to work while I’m there or just go 100% and not blog about it or feel any pressure to share it – unless I want, of course. I know it sounds strange to say that as personal overlaps with blogging but maybe it’s more of an internal thing to say, hey, self, chill and have a good time and don’t think about how it has to be shared on the blog.
  • Bruno Mars – this dude, ever since he performed at the Super Bowl I realized I knew a LOT of his songs. Every single one is a hit! And his latest song is just the catchiest and I’m excited to see him when he’s in Phoenix. You can say my best friend has the benefits so I get to be her date in November. We’ll consider this my birthday prezzie. He’s what I like, it’s gonna be a good time ;)
  • With the shooting I’ve been photographing heavily this week I have to tell you how much I love my Mark IV. I’ve had it for a while now, probably just a few months after it was released and it’s unreal. The touch screen is easy for clients to preview and for myself included to zoom to make sure it’s in focus, and the wi-fi is fantastic to have it connect to my iPad and give it to the marketing rep or art director to watch the shoot LIVE – we work immediately on posing and composition for the advertisement. It’s a great perk for everyone to get the job done well. I’ve been happy with the Mark III and I upgraded for many reasons but if you’re on the fence and you can, I say do it.
  • These collapsible crates by CleverMade that are everywhere in my home – make sure you comment on this post to enter to win a 3-set of your choice. I mean they are ridiculously efficiency genius.

This past week I’ve been juggling about two profile shoots a day around the Valley capturing some great business owners in their element (see last years), I have realized a few things – when you go above and beyond your job description, it means you truly love what you do. Even if it takes more time and that sorta seems unfair, or more work, you have a why behind your business (I learned this from the book Business Boutique). I say this to encourage you to look at what you are doing and remember what it is you love about your job.

I think some business owners run a business because they have to, or because they like the freedom, some like being in control, and others love it because of the passion for what you actually do. All are fine, I wouldn’t say they are bad by any means but sometimes the why keeps you going when things get challenging – by that I mean tough – and in so many different ways from stressful times, demands or just hard work. I’ve gone back and forth through the years with why I run a business (sometimes it’s money, other times it’s the freedom, and sometimes I absolutely love the creativity) and it’s nice to realize when you can focus on the why and you catch yourself going the extra mile. You go above and beyond what’s asked because your service, the project itself, is something that you want to do well.

So in the spirit of truly loving things, may you keep, wear, and spend time doing the things you truly love, with those you truly love. Life’s too short. xx

Photo by Julianne Marie Photography. Location: Arizona Vacation Company.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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