Traveling with a Garment Bag

Cruise Spinner Garment Bag by DELSEY (c/o)

I’m really excited to announce my ambassadorship over the next year with DELSEY! As a regular traveler this was a perfect partnership – I love the beauty of their luggage paired with efficiency that make traveling so much easier. See my experience traveling by train in Switzerland using DELSEY here.

As I was figuring out my luggage replacement, a garment bag has always been on my wish list – for Benjamin’s business trips when he needs to pack a few suits to conferences and for me, the girl who just wants packing to be easier!

Yes, even though I’m really good at packing, I know. But the whole folding and wrinkling and figuring out how things fit, I would rather cook a meal – that’s how bad it is. Haha!

This spinner garment bag is great for:

  • Modeling/acting/blogging shoots for no wrinkle wardrobe transportation
  • Pageant appearances – I wish I had this during my pageant days!
  • Suits for conferences
  • The girl who dislikes packing/folding
  • Going to a weekend event with formal attire where you don’t want to wrinkle your clothes. Like Vegas.
  • Weekend trips, quick trips

Totally our lifestyle!

This garment bag is on steroids – there were many features I discovered while packing to head home for six days – I was like, What! There’s this? And this!

There is so much room – the top you can put socks, toiletries, etc. That’s my dad’s Father’s Day gift with a bow on it. It’s so awesome to be able to give my dad his gift in person.

You strap in your clothes, and the bottom has compartments for shoes – I like to put my shoes in shoe bags. Not surprising from a gal who doesn’t wear shoes in her house, right? Germ control even in my luggage my friends, ha! I also put a hefty cubed toiletry bag at the bottom and everything zipped up easily – so if you’re wondering if a garment bag is roomy enough, it is!

^^ There are hooks so you can hang the garment bag over a door or in an empty closet (like in a hotel room) if you don’t want to transfer anything.

There are more pockets on the outside if you need to put things in there. You’re going to have to visualize because I don’t have an empty closet anywhere to show you – but here you can hang both sides.

And just like that – barely any folding and it’s nice to have your hangers with you to unpack – because even back home in my old room (and hotels) there never seems to be enough hangers! This garment bag on wheels makes packing so much easier – Benjamin is excited to take it with him to San Diego for work.

Cheers to travels and easy packing! Happy summer my friends!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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