Comfy Track Pants – WITH Wear It To Heart

Wear it to HeartSerge Reversible Racerback Tank / Mokume Sparkler Track Pants (c/o) Wearing size small
Sunnies: Wildfox / Sneaks: Kenneth Cole

I had a great weekend with friends, it was a break between work – I’m always working, it’s my life as an entrepreneur. I took a few photos, other times I didn’t. I realized some of the best moments you don’t capture, maybe they aren’t photo worthy (you’re make up-less) but they are some of the funniest, well spent evenings for the soul. Most of my most precious times, the chats, are never captured in photos, and sometimes they are! All that to say, don’t overly fuss about the photo or documenting it, but also don’t be afraid to, either, even if it’s for your own personal safekeeping. Not everything you do has to appear on your social media feeds.

I mentioned Wear It To Heart a few months ago about my wish list and they posted a new collection of creative, modern work-out and athleisure clothes with personality. Fun prints and graphics, and high waist bottoms too – yay. I love that these track pants seem like a sweat pants upgrade to lounge around in. I wore them on Saturday to a close girlfriend’s home for a homemade double date dinner and Ashley said she wanted them after seeing them on me and feeling them. I then wore them on Sunday after coming home from a brunch with a girlfriend to clean house (inlaws in town for a few weeks!) and worked for a few hours on a graphic design project before taking 4 hour nap.

I know – to say I’ve been exhausted is truly an understatement!

I’m going to live in these! In college I remember the big track suit pants trend from A&F and all my friends and were wearing them to class and to the gym, I forgot how much I missed them until I saw these track pants and put them on. They are called sparkler but they aren’t sparkly shiny, the print kinda reminds me of funfetti cake!

I was thinking traveling would be great in them too – like my plane ride to Switzerland and then wearing them when Jackie and I are hiking around.

This tank is reversible which means double the usage. I think all clothing should be reversible, wouldn’t that be great? I have a few loose tank camisoles that are reversible and I love them, especially while traveling. The track pants have pockets! POCKETS! I think everything should have pockets, skirts, dresses, when I discovered some wedding dresses had pockets I thought, that is genius.

Pockets are also great for posing.

Thank you Wear It To Heart for sponsoring this post.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.



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