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Too Much Internet

too much internet shirt on blogger Diana elizabethTop: Pajama top from Forever 21

My summer tour has started early. My best friends know it’s time to say goodbye when I start that summer tour since I am hard to find come summer months because I travel. Although I think last year I wasn’t traveling as much? I already forgot!  Anyway, it’s started early just because – I usually don’t want to leave when it’s great weather here but it worked out with some friends who want me to visit and also want to travel right now.

There never seems to be time to travel. We never think we have time.

There’s always something keeping us busy – and I know my schedule consists of working for myself and whatever else my husband is doing since we have chosen to live the otherhood (see post here), it makes it a little easier, I know. However I want to encourage you to take that trip, solo, family, whatever it is and just do it. Every one and every thing else can wait – and it will because it has to.

I’ve been working a lot. A LOT, it feels like more per usual and I’m totally happy and loving every part of it but I also realize that I can work forever, like all hours of the day, all the time because I love it so much – and it’s also my work ethic. Too much Internet!

But that’s not what I want to do be doing all the time. I want to be building my friendships, making memories, loving others, taking breaks, serving others, and I can’t do that if I’m working all the dang time.

And so, I looked at my calendar and I filled it up with trips. But trust me, it doesn’t really mean I’m working less. It’s a lot of 1 to 2 am working in front of Netflix on my laptop on the couch signing contracts and going over every single detail of a campaign that I cannot miss and must turn in on time.

I also want to share that if you follow a blogger or influencer don’t think they have the most perfect fun life – it’s not any better than anyone who is working any other job, it’s still work. There are fun parts to it for sure (and it’s my dream job at the moment) but please never compare what you see as perfect advertisement as a real life daily thing – it’s work, it’s a job, it’s marketing, it is creating. It’s pretty cool to be able to do what you naturally enjoy and make a living doing it, but it’s not just like, here’s some free stuff and money and go on a trip, there is a lot of behind the scenes and it’s just a job that seems more public because it’s on social media (and it’s a job to make it look good).

If your job isn’t on social media you aren’t seeing what your coworkers are accomplishing (maybe if you’re in sales) but it’s entirely different kind of work comparison so I just want to make sure you keep a healthy state of mind when you scroll through social. It’s a job, your support is very important and appreciated but don’t ever feel inadequate when you see pretty feeds.

Look at social media as a way to share inspiration, encourage one another in community and sometimes yes, see pretty stuff and fun things – there are so many interests and things we can be in life.

too much internet shirt on blogger Diana elizabeth

If you feel like you’ve put in more than enough time at work, I encourage you to book a trip somewhere, even if it’s solo, or just go to a local spa all day and nap and read magazines and get room service. Or take a week off and just organize your home, Marie Kondo style and just purge every closet, drawer and take many trips to The Container Store. Give yourself permission for a mental health day or week.

Everything will still be there when you get back. I find this technique, even in the middle of a busy schedule similar to participating in sports and clubs in school – you learn how to manage your limited time for study and homework, you in return are more disciplined with your time and your grades (er – work in this case) will excel. I always did better in school when I was actively involved.

too much internet shirt on blogger Diana elizabeth

I thought I’d mention how I juggle traveling for 5 days and work. My travel plans are booked ahead of time and I have it blocked on my calendar so I avoid any publish dates (if I can) during those times. Sometimes and it has happened several times, campaigns get pushed back for many reasons and I have to publish while I’m on vacation. It stinks, but it’s part of the job and that’s OK! It’s not the end of the world.

I pack my laptop always, but leave my blogging paperwork/binder/schedule at home. It’s not necessary to bring all the work.

I check emails first thing when I wake up and respond immediately to the entire inbox to make sure it’s cleared out. Then I have my vacay. I check back on my phone before close of business day for any urgent matters to make sure I can respond and the other person can respond before they call it a day and in the evening I check once more, like right before bed.

I don’t think it’s necessary to do that, you can put an away message up but it depends on how I feel and if I’m on an R&R trip, a few emails aren’t annoying especially if they are great opportunities you don’t want them to pass you by – depending on your industry those jobs can be timely!

One thing I’ve had a hard time is not working while on vacation. It’s like I just want to and also feel like I have to be working. But I find I enjoy sharing more on IG stories when I’m on vacation just random stuff and not feel like I have to post pretty pictures – unless I just happen to take them. I’ve learned that no one is waiting for your post to go up, no one really cares, lol. And that’s totally OK. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to share – and this is especially hard for me because it’s my job to share (but what? Good ideas, inspiration, life, funny), but I just need to check my heart and head before I post anything and anywhere. So much thought goes into why I’m posting and while I absolutely care about what information I put out there, I’m also very aware of my motives behind every post and that’s what keeps my heart in check, too. xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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