Finally painting the office today

Sayonara yellow!


After I contemplated back in early March if I should repaint my office from soft yellow to a muted gray/green/blue hue, I never talked about it again. Painting is a lot of work, moving furniture is a lot of work, and just the whole ordeal overwhelmed me, until…

I drove by and saw a painter truck at my neighbors.

I rolled down the window and yelled, “Can you please come to my house after and give me a quote? Please!” and he came over, and quoted me $350 and today – it’s happening!

I headed to Sherwin-Williams to look at paint colors since that’s the preferred line the painter uses – so I kind of had to start over on my paint search.


The convenient feature with their store set up is their palettes of colors in a group by a theme.  Clumps of colors already look good together – and so if you have a color palette in your home like we do, it’s much easier to pick a color.

But just because I can’t be told what to do, I had to grab a few of my own swatches – just to make sure.


Our home is primarily blues, grays, greens and natural wood tones.

I opened up the Neutral Nuance palette and our pillows, rug and everything in our living room fit the palette PERFECTLY – like every single color and not one out of place (ok other than the blankets my mom crocheted but I don’t care) – sign me up I’m an interior designer.

Nice to know it works. Or rather, I have a decent eye ball.


So I picked a few favorite colors, went to Pinterest to search for rooms – this is something everyone should do, before you pick a paint color, google or Pinterest search it!

I was leaning toward escape gray – which has a blue tone, and will probably stay blue with the room facing north:


After I wanted sea salt to work really badly – so did Benjamin. But then after Pinterest searching, I don’t think it’s right, this post talks about how the hues will be brought out and with my office facing north, it might be too blue. I’d love it in a bathroom, just not my office right now.

Here it is for those wondering, sea salt a very popular color:


I wish our home walls were bright white like country homes. Or if I lived by the beach or lake, I’d have this. Filing away for my future Northern California lake cottage!

The color I decided after chatting with my girlfriends Christina and Kate who both have an eye for design – Sedate Gray! You can see it here:


It was the color Kate immediately said she was drawn to and well, that pretty much sealed the deal. I’m also removing almost everything in that room and only putting back what works – time to sell some furniture. I want to make it an office/den. I’m looking at a small couch similar to above and moving furniture around. This will be good because it will mean less things to own – like when you have a bigger purse you carry more stuff.

You know how that goes, update soon I hope!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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