Watch: Klasse14 in 36mm rose gold (c/o) use discount code dianaelizabeth_ for 12% off
Cuff: Topshop (sold out, similar)

I don’t know how style bloggers do it – it’s like as soon as you buy a piece of clothing, you have to take a photo and post it before it sells out! I didn’t even take the tags off my shirt and cuff before it was out of stock online. Fashion moves fast, ladies.

I finally got a new watch – thanks to Klasse14. I’ve been wanting a new one for a while but I never saw one that stood out. I am offered items to review/keep and while it’s generous and sounds so great, the reality is, nothing is free, guys. As a blogger/media outlet, there comes expectations to post and a zillion follow up emails from PR people who ask if you’ve received the product or posted it yet. I get it, they don’t just give out stuff for free, you say yes, it means you want it and you’ll share it. It makes perfect sense.

So when it comes to me saying yes, I do want the pitched product, I understand that it requires work – sharing, believing in it, and most of all time. Ha, time, get it – it’s a watch post. Kidding aside, I have become slower in my response to say yes. And actually working with Klasse14, they didn’t ask for a post, just a social share on IG which is quite easy to do. But I genuinely wanted to share it because it’s a beautiful watch and they just came out with this new sky line and it’s pretty much a gorgeous ombre watch!

Anyway, now you can be fashionably on time! Because 5 Minutes Early Is On Time; On Time Is Late; Late Is Unacceptable! Who has heard that before? ;) xx