thredUp Sell Clothing Review


I’m reviewing (on my own) another way to clean out your closet – thredUp. Kate told me about it over lunch and after her good return, I decided to give it a shot and let you decide if it’s for you.

How it works

  1. Sign up to order a clean out kit (FREE) 
  2. Pack it full of clothes
  3. Drop off to FedEx or to USPS – you can schedule a pick up through USPS too for pickup.
  4. Wait to get an email quote back – can take up to 21 days depending on volume.
  5. Get cash deposited into your PayPal account.

I sent in my goodies, and waited for my payout.


What the *(#@^#!({?! No seriously, what? Let’s take a closer look.


One Anthro item (bottom), 4 J.Crew items, and a pair of Hudsons, and designer Isabel Lu top, I earned $34 and change? OK, but wait – subtract the $13 for S&H for the returned items they rejected (you can opt out of this and say recycle the items), that made my total only $21. I feel mugged, ok, more like robbed since no one attacked me.

The potential earnings you can see to the right is an item accepted for consignment, only to be paid when it sells. Somewhat fair in that category.


Important things to know

  • When you are ordering the thredUp kit, make sure you select “return my items for $12.99” if you want items returned, or else your bag contents are forever gone – donated, buh-bye.
  • You can’t request certain items in the bag to be returned, even if you don’t like the price. So, do not put anything in the bag you may want back or you are iffy about.
  • Anything the that thredUp would list from $59 or less, you will be given a 10-40% percentage up front. That price sucks. If it’s worth $60 or above, the item will go up on consignment with you getting a % of the selling price – 50%-80%. See the upfront payment chart here.

How does this differ from Poshmark?

  • You don’t get to determine your own price for items
  • You can get rid of your stuff ASAP
  • You get less of a percentage of their value than Poshmark – instead of 80% of an items value, you might get only 25%, womp womp.


  • Send stuff in that you absolutely don’t care about the value or care to see any longer – as in you’d be fine getting $15 for all your stuff and going to get a coffee and croissant, because that’s all you might end up getting. As for me, I should have donated those to a non-profit.
  • If you’re a shopper, the site looks like a great place to find a bargain. Use code 40NP and get 40% off your first order, for new customers only OR get $20 off your first purchase.
  • I would buy clothes from here, but think twice before selling.

thredUP is for gals who are too busy to list on Poshmark and want it out of their closet now and maybe just don’t care about the value of their things. The downside is they want designer labels, but I think it’s asking too much given the low percentage of a cut. I would personally save those items and take them on a vacation and leave the clothes there after giving it one good last wear (my travel habit).

What do you think? Have you had a better experience?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Stephanie Young

    I used to work at Plato’s Closet in high school (just realized it’s been 10 years since I worked there. Ouch.) and it was great for getting $ on items that were bought from normal retail stores, but for deisgner stuff, it was not worth selling to the store. I like to host clothing swaps with girlfriends once or twice a year! Everyone brings their items (and wine!) and barters/swaps/gives away clothes and accessories they no longer use. We love it!

    On a side note…I just came across Stitch Fix. Have you ever used this service? Thanks to you, I am addicted to getting my meals delivered from Blue Apron, and the other day I got giddy over getting dish soap delivered from Amazon Prime. I just signed up to see if getting clothes delivered once a month will be worth it, too! I would love your input if you’ve used this service before. I think my first shipment will come in a week, and they say you’re not charged for items you don’t keep. We shall see….

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Stephanie! I’ve never been to Plato’s Closet but I hear the commercials a lot, especially before school starts :) Don’t count the years, it does none of us good, I had LinkedIn tell me I was out of college for 10 years and I wanted to disable my account. My girlfriend and I used to do a clothing swap too – then they all started getting pregnant and that has become the tricky part! But we do tend to give clothes now that are higher end it really does make more sense to see it put to better use than be given a few bucks.

      I haven’t used Stitch Fix, but I used Golden Tote once (and didn’t like the quality). I have a friend who uses Stitch Fix and likes it, but I do love to shop online so I like to pick my own items and I have my favorite places! Will you check back in with me and tell me if you enjoy it? Would love to hear!

  • Carissa

    I have purchased an item once from ThredUp but thought that it didn’t seem worthwhile to send things in – glad you agree but sorry you had a bad experience, in a way.

    I have used Tradesy though, and been pretty pleased with my experience there.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I would buy, definitely not sell. Our church has a compassion center so I think it might be better use for me to toss them in a bag and donate. The other day I was trying to clean out my closet but I’ve over purged and couldn’t find anything – yet my closet is too full! How does that happen? ;)


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