I’m over being busy – productive yes, but being overly busy, I’m not a fan. With my in-laws in town from Illinois, it was a great opportunity for me to slow down (there was still graphic design work to be done for a few hours). I call my in-laws mom and dad but for the sake of not confusing you, I just refer them as my in-laws on the blog.

I turned down an audition because I didn’t feel like going (reality, wasting time as I book hardly anything and it’s no longer much of an interest of mine), and it brought me relief to have the freedom to start saying no to things without pressure of letting people down. It also frees up my schedule to really give it a good YES! to certain events I’ve been invited to – funny that no matter how old we get, we don’t seem to learn the power of no, or we forget and have to relearn the value of our time.

Anyway, Benjamin’s parents have such servant hearts when they visit us, asking if they can help with things around our home. From dusting and cleaning our lights, doing the dishes, painting our fence (yes! You know I’d rather endure intestinal issues than paint), to mowing our lawn, the list goes on. How amazing is our freshly painted fence?

Getting all the grapefruits off the tree is a chore, glad we had some help!

^^ If there was such a thing as holding hands with a tree, I did just that with our red oak tree. The leaves felt like velvet and were so cute I pretty much squealed with delight.

I figure not many people see baby oak leaves since oak trees are usually tall once mature, so to get a glimpse of them close up – wow! How amazing is God to create such beauty? New leaves on trees are so velvety, sweet and soft, kinda like newborns haha! Baby leaves!

I tried to sell the garden bench below on Craigslist and you know how that goes, I mean I listed it for $20 and then someone asked for $15, another lady flaked on even showing up! I decided to move it and keep it. I’ll just repaint it and give it some new life. Rustic is in, anyway. You pay extra for that patina look!

As we collected grapefruits my mother-in-law said, “That’s a beautiful picture right there.” So I grabbed my Fujifilm (all these photos taken with it) and snapped a pic. Then I turned my back and it was piled like you see above – overflowing.

Do you ever look around at your every day life and think, “This is my every day beauty.” I do, and its often in my backyard. When I garden I think, this is exactly what I want to be doing and how I envisioned my life. Calm, peaceful with birds chirping, outside, no worries, no piled up to-do list, and just gardening with my thoughts and praises to God – not inside in front of a computer (though there are many of those days too which I must work and then I am thankful for the opportunity to provide and do what I enjoy).

Your daily beauty could even be watching your kids on the playground, or serving others, think about that! Sometimes we overlook those every day glimpses of our beautiful life.

Below is one of the rose bushes I planted from David Austin Roses, these should bloom white garden roses. To the right is the red oak tree.

I want to buy more bougevvilla, I am addicted to the pops of pink! We have a list from the nursery so it’s time we go. My girlfriends from Nor Cal come in town for a few days, so it’s onto our next guests.

Also, I just got hooked on This is Us. I recorded the series and binge watched and just absolutely fell in love. I’m all caught up and have to strongly recommend this show. There’s so much beautiful love in it. A random note, Benjamin’s former co-worker’s husband is Toby on the show. What a role to land, right?

Wishing you warm, lovely slow days where you can take in your beautiful every day life.