the ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills

The Process of a Patio Makeover + Trials

Painting the patio concrete with a fresh coat of paint, spray painting the old rusty bench a glossy meadow grass green (always remember order two cans for those projects). Picking out a shade of black (yes apparently there are shades and it’s way too confusing) for the greek key door. You may be wondering what is going on?

I took on The Home Depot’s patio challenge as one of their selected bloggers this spring to showcase a patio makeover. There’s nothing like an event or blogging deadline to make you get your booty in gear to get house projects complete. It’s a great excuse – I am however under a one month deadline.

Everything I want completed may not happen. It won’t all happen, let’s be honest. But, I think 80% will happen which is great because at least we are moving along with this project and nothing like the pressure of a blog post reveal to make you finally work on the patio space that was never quite much of anything.

I’m working on the area that is the entrance to my photo studio. The inspiration, The Ivy Restaurant in Beverly Hills which has been the popular celebrity spot. You also won’t believe it but I found the exact same vintage rose tablecloth thanks to Etsy!

the ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills

Now onto what I’m working with.

I wanted color because it’s so fun – it adds personality and it also make a place feel cozy and full of style so if you are a neutral lover and feeling like your place is bland, consider throwing in some color! It will liven the place up and feel cherry – just make sure you pick prints you absolutely love and can stand the test of time (or your style for this moment).

This is what I’ve purchased, I have also set in my mind a budget but let’s be real, I’m just keeping tabs on how much this is costing me haha.

the ivy restaurant inspiration for patio makeover

Oversized Lantern Pendant / Red stripe pillow / Green gingham pillow / Red gingham pillow / White solid pillow / White lumbar pillow / Gingham Placemats / Natural Bench Cushion / Terra Cotta Pot / Oriental Garden Stool / 2-pack Floral pillow / Unfinished Trestle Dining Table / LED string lights 

We have some brick work to do around my roses which should help make the place look more tailored.

A few things I’ve learned that I would strongly suggest to you:

  • Don’t use high gloss paint, ever. It shows every roll, streak and flaw in the reflection. Stick with eggshell finish. I may repaint my studio door (again) because the high gloss is killing me, but then again, I might not, we’ll see.
  • If you are spray painting, take your object far far away from anything, the window will pick up the particles. This includes your iPhone (oops) and the new cement floor you just painted.

Yep, I had to repaint that cement floor because it was suddenly green. Eeeek.

So this project is quite the challenge already, but I sure hope you will like it when I’m done – and I’m of course hoping I will too ;) xo


Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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