The Minimal Closet Mission


After reading Unfancy’s concept about a minimalistic wardrobe by using only 37 pieces of clothing (including shoes) in her seasonal wardrobe of 3 months I felt like I was being challenged.  She also allows herself $500 for each new season, if necessary.  Some things roll over to the next season (like spring into summer, and fall into winter).  The best news – no limit on accessories or lounge wear, though once you do this you will want to go through your pj/lounge drawer.  She also has a similar lifestyle to me – she’s a blogger and photographer so now the concept sounded hopeful.

37 probably won’t fly with me.  So I said, let’s try 50.

Arizona seasons – if I had to break down 3 months:

  • Fall (Sept – Nov).  And I mean that’s really not even fall weather but in September we are transitioning and itch to be part of the crowd.
  • Winter (Dec – Feb)
  • Spring (March – May)
  • Summer (June – August).  Really summer is 5 months long of heat but I’m not wearing brights in October.

But let’s be real – Arizona has two seasons – (1) HOT and (2) HOTTER.  Ready for my journey?

First, step is taking a shower, getting into your favorite T that you know you will never ever get rid of (in my case a John Mayer concert tee), J.Crew sweatpants, and brush your hair with some spray in leave-in conditioner and make yourself an iced vanilla latte.

Let’s get this purging party started.


Play some tunes from iPhone to wireless speakers.  For this occasion I listened to Lincoln Brewster’s new album Oxygen.  Because what I was doing was holy – you know, less consumerism, giving to others.  If you that didn’t make you laugh you’re too holy for me.


Two of 5 boxes prepared for Rachel.  She PayPals me $20 per box to cover shipping and I just send things to her.  Things I know won’t fit her or she’d wouldn’t want, I donate.


The recommendation from Unfancy was to completely take EVERYTHING out of your closet.  So I did.  I just left a few pants that I could cull and left my handy steamer plugged in to make sure all things that went back in was ready to be worn – or else you know, you’ll never wear it when you have to spend 5 minutes in your undies steaming it.


I did not however remove any of my bags because they are designer and I don’t get rid of them.  I will put my bags on rotation during the season to give them proper use and wear, so another post for that one day.  I leave wrinkle release and fabric spray in my closet.  My first step will be removing them out of the dust bags so I can see them and know which ones.


This is what my bed and every hook and doorknob in the room looked like.

closet-cleaning-winter-spring-small-closet-solutions-minimalist-120closet-cleaning-winter-spring-small-closet-solutions-minimalist-128 closet-cleaning-winter-spring-small-closet-solutions-minimalist-121

These under the bed boxes?  Oh that’s winter and fall that need to go in my closet…



If you have a husband who works from home, close the door so he doesn’t freak out at the sight of chaos.  He will jump the conclusion that when you are getting rid of clothes that you will then immediately say the next day, “I have no clothes!” and in reverse effect, go and shop more.  That over the door accessory organizer?  The best thing, ever.  It is now a best seller on Amazon.


Slowly add things back into your closet, the things you LOVE.  I do have a few things that I keep for auditions. I always play a dang business woman or doctor (Asian’s do have a pretty good reputation so I’ll take it) so I have to keep some corporate clothes (snicker).

closet-cleaning-winter-spring-small-closet-solutions-minimalist-126 closet-cleaning-winter-spring-small-closet-solutions-minimalist-127

I also do not know when I can think I’ll wear that sequin mini, wishful thinking, it was just too good to pass up at Last Chance for 5 bucks.


Onto the loungewear

PJ’s are for bed only.  Lounge wear I said were things I wouldn’t be ashamed wearing, like when the FexEx or UPS guy drops by.  These would be linen shirts from J.Crew that I bought oversized.  I kept maybe six on hand.  Cute sweats, three pairs.  Let’s assume that I do laundry every week (which I do), so if I need to wear lounge wear more than three times week I really need to get out more.


PJs on the two left side, shirts on the right, sweats and more comfy clothes are in the closet shelves.  I also have winter PJ’s so I switch those out.  The embroidered PJ’s remind me of my friend Farrah who loves monogram everything because she’s a gal from the south.


The result

5 boxes to my darling Rach.

closet-cleaning-winter-spring-small-closet-solutions-minimalist-222 A much lighter closet, I can breathe.

Did I make 50?  Eh, not really since I hung up all of my blazers, so it’s kinda tough to say.  I’ll count in a bit and share my pieces – it’s quite a bit of work you guys!

I’ll show you an update soon, I need to get shoes in order too.  Hope this motivates you!


Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Lydia

    I’ve been slowly doing this over the past couple of months. Last year I got to send a suitcase full of clothes home with my cousins, and it felt so good! Are you storing everything out of season out of the closet and under the bed?

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Lydia! Oh I love giving things away – as soon as they are out of the house, out of my car, I feel so much lighter. I hope to tackle my outdoor storage next (when weather permits). I do still keep out of season under my bed :) I am keeping only 3 months at a time in my closet. It feels so great to have less to choose from!

  • Christina

    Inspired! Tackled my closet yesterday, I didn’t get down to 25 but I do feel lighter and it was more enjoyable getting ready for work this morning without all the distractions! Thanks :-)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Oh 25 would be so hard! :) I have to admit I fell behind on laundry and wanting to wear lounge pants and ran out! :) But, so much easier like you said to pick from less – but better things. I love Cuyana’s motto, “Few, better things.” xoxo!

  • Carissa

    Um, can Rachel send me whatever she doesn’t want? ;)
    I love that everyone is hopping on the minimalist closet train.
    Caroline’s blog is so inspiring, even though my style is totally different than hers.
    Good job Diana for taking on the challenge!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Believe it or not you weren’t the first to ask that ;) Yes Caroline’s style is very different than mine too. I need to find the energy to take outfit posts – hmmmm. xoxo!


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